Meet Minnesota Transform Postdoctoral Associate Ricardo Velasco Trujillo

Ricardo Velasco Trujillo is a documentarian and cultural studies scholar. He earned his PhD in Latin American Studies with Portfolio Certificates in Cultural Studies and Museum Studies from the University of Texas at Austin in 2020. Ricardo joins the IAS community of scholars as the Minnesota Transform Postdoctoral Associate.

We are thrilled to introduce Ricardo and his current project to you, and look forward to sharing a more in-depth interview with him in the spring. 


Meet IAS Residential Fellow Cassius Adair

Cassius Adair joins the IAS as an American Council of Learned Societies Visiting Fellow. He is also an independent audio producer, writer, and researcher, and operates Sylveon Consulting.

Cass is at work on a project titled “The Transgender Internet,” which brings together transgender theory and computer history to understand trans history not just as a genealogy of in-the-streets resistance, but also as enmeshed within dominant political formations, media infrastructures, and information systems.

Read on to learn more about his work in progress.

IAS Reads: Fall 2021

IAS Staff and Fellows share books and articles we think you might like, too.

Before we get into our usual recommendations, though, there are two books on our minds that, as a staff, we collectively recommend. These two books are tied to the next two IAS Thursdays we’ll be hosting with Minnesota Transform: A Just University for Just Futures. Paired together, these books have us thinking about coalition building both here at the University and beyond as we work together towards institutional change, justice, and liberation.