• Jennifer Gunn


    Jennifer Gunn brings broad experience advancing interdisciplinary research and teaching, both as scholar and administrator. She is History of Medicine Endowed Professor and served for 8 years as director of the Program in the History of Medicine, a program in the Medical School Department of Surgery situated at the intersection of the humanities, social sciences, natural and physical sciences, engineering, and health professions.  She shares leadership responsibilities for the tri-college Program in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine. She is a historian of nineteenth- and twentieth-century medicine, interested in the historical intersections of health, medicine, biology, social sciences, institutions, and public policy. Her current work examines the significance of place and practice in American medicine by exploring the history of rural health and medical practice in the upper Midwest, 1900-1950. In addition, she has done extensive research on the history of population studies and demography in the interwar period, and on the history of philanthropy.

    290 Northrop, UMN-TC East Bank
  • Susannah L. Smith

    Managing Director

    Susannah L. Smith is an historian of Russia and modern Europe. Her research focuses on the intersection of national identity, official arts policy, and Russian folk music in the Soviet Union, 1917-1945. She studies and performs traditional Javanese music with the Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble. Before coming to the IAS, she was the managing editor of the Journal of Asian Studies, developed the Population Studies minor program and coordinated administration on the IPUMS-International projects at the Minnesota Population Center, and was assistant director of the Making of the Modern World/Writing Program at Eleanor Roosevelt College, University of California, San Diego.

    290 Northrop, UMN-TC East Bank
  • Brianna Menning

    Associate Director for Programs and Communications

    Brianna Menning works with programs, events, communications and strategic planning at the IAS. She is particularly interested in how the IAS can encourage and incubate interdisciplinary work across the University, and engage the public in the work of the University accessibly. Prior to the IAS, she served as the Associate Director for the Sustainable Cities Initiative  at UMN. She has a background in the non-profit sector, having directed a national AmeriCorps program on asset-based community development. Menning has an MPA from Cornell University focused on human rights and social justice, and a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and political science. In her free time, you can find her with her family enjoying the outdoors, taking trips to the library, and traveling.

    290 Northrop, UMN-TC East Bank
  • Joanne Richardson

    Digital Information Strategist and Open Rivers Production Manager

    Joanne Richardson is the digital information strategist for the Institute of Advanced Study. Her undergraduate work at the University of Minnesota focused on geology, architecture, computer science and French, and she received a master’s degree in landscape architecture from the College of Design. Having spent many childhood weekends and holidays backpacking through many of the great American landscapes, she developed an early and lasting love of geology that has colored her interests ever since. She has a particular interest in digital media, strategic communications, and responsive design.

    210 Northrop, UMN-TC East Bank
  • Laurie Moberg

    Project Manager for the Mellon Environmental Stewardship, Place, and Community (MESPAC) Initiative and Managing Editor of Open Rivers

    Laurie Moberg graduated from the University of Minnesota with a PhD in anthropology in 2018. Her doctoral research investigates recurrent episodes of flooding on rivers in Thailand and queries how the ecological, social, and cosmological entanglements between humans and nonhumans, people and the material world, are reimagined and reconfigured in the aftermath of disasters. At the IAS, Laurie brings her ethnographic sensibilities, attention to story, and interest in human-nonhuman relations to questions of water and absented narratives closer to home.

    210 Northrop, UMN-TC East Bank
  • Juliet Burba

    Grants Developer

    Juliet Burba works to develop and manage funding opportunities for the IAS. Before coming to the IAS, she served as a curator and program director at the Bakken Museum and as an exhibit developer and paleontological preparator at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Juliet brings to the IAS her experience developing projects to engage the public in trans-disciplinary experiences spanning science, medicine, and the humanities. She holds a Ph.D. from the Program in History of Science and Technology at the University of Minnesota and is an avid generalist by nature. When not at the IAS, she helps to manage a 35-horse boarding barn and rides and competes in dressage.

    290 Northrop, UMN-TC East Bank
  • Abby Travis

    Communications & Programs Associate

    Abby Travis works on IAS communications and events, advancing the IAS’s interdisciplinary mission through a range of programmatic efforts and content initiatives. Before coming to the IAS, she served as editor at Milkweed Editions, a nonprofit, independent press based here in Minnesota. Abby brings to the IAS her varied experience in engagement strategy, digital communications, fundraising, and over ten years in literary publishing to nurture an active and engaged ecosystem of writers, readers, educators, researchers, community members, and supporters. She holds an MFA in creative nonfiction from Emerson College and is at work on a book about the sport and art of training horses for competition and the weight of human spectacle, ambition, and intention riding on the equine body. Her writing has been recognized as Notable by Best American Essays. When not at the IAS, you can find her meditating or under the tutelage of horses and trees.

    290 Northrop, UMN-TC East Bank
  • Denise Pike

    Project Manager, Minnesota Transform

    Denise Pike works at the Institute for Advanced Study as project manager for Minnesota Transform. She is a public historian dedicated to linking inequalities in our present day with evidence of historical injustice. Her research interests and past work include the intersection of data, mapping, race, power, and urban history to address today’s disparities. She received a Master’s in Heritage Studies and Public History from the University of Minnesota.

    290 Northrop, UMN-TC East Bank
  • Andrea Manolov

    Media Specialist, Minnesota Transform

    Andrea Manolov (she/her) explores radical modes of writing histories and visioning futures. Committed to public history work grounded in transformative justice and community building, Andrea brings together her energy as a supporter, organizer, and innovator with skills in research, exhibition ideation, and arts programming. Her public history work includes co-directing History for the Future, a public exhibition and program series exploring the histories and politics of mutual aid practices. Andrea also created the Interstate Digital Archive at Mixed Blood Theatre, a place-based archive of queer and trans Asian American space-making, and served in event coordination for Climates of Inequality, a project of the Humanities Action Lab. She is a graduate of the Heritage Studies and Public History program at the University of Minnesota.

    290 Northrop, UMN-TC East Bank
  • Sophie Hunt

    Internship Coordinator, Minnesota Transform

    Sophie B. Hunt works at IAS as Internship Coordinator for Minnesota Transform. Previously, she was Public Programs Manager for Hennepin History Museum, where she collaborated with community partners, museum staff, and interns from University of Minnesota to develop and implement public history projects. Sophie received a PhD in History from University of Michigan, specializing in U.S., Mexican, and Indigenous histories. She has worked for equity and inclusion in both her museum and higher education roles, including leading inclusive teaching workshops for new Graduate Student Instructors through University of Michigan’s Center for Research on Learning and Teaching.

    290 Northrop, UMN-TC East Bank