Public Scholarship

The IAS serves as a home for numerous publicly-engaged initiatives that operate within and beyond the academy. Open Rivers: Rethinking Water, Place, and Community is a journal of public scholarship that recognizes rivers as a space for timely and critical conversations about the intersections between biophysical systems and human systems. The Environmental Stewardship, Place, and Community Initiative is a Mellon-funded project that will amplify efforts to decolonize our University and serve as a national model in the humanities by establishing a systematic approach for integrating Indigenous ways of knowing and research methodologies in humanities scholarship. Another Mellon-funded initiative, Minnesota Transform will collaborate with Black, Indigenous, immigrant, and refugee communities on a range of public humanities projects to pave the way for redress and build the University’s capacity to be a site of racial justice. Our public offices and building spaces at Northrop also offer us the opportunity to showcase a range of public exhibits curated by faculty, staff, and students.