The Institute for Advanced Study's filmed presentations are available through both our YouTube channel and the University Libraries Media Archive.

Available videos include our public event series, talks and panels from events the IAS has cosponsored, and archives from past programs and activities. Our YouTube channel is organized into playlists according to event series, along with themed playlists that can help you locate talks of interest. Please note that our archives are expansive, but not comprehensive. If you're looking for a presentation given by a particular scholar or group but can't find it through the Libraries or YouTube, please feel free to email us at [email protected] with as much detail as you know, and we'll attempt to locate it. While the majority of our presentations are filmed for public use, speakers will occasionally request their talks not be made public.

We encourage use of publicly available videos in classrooms and other educational and cultural venues. Our videos are licensed for noncommercial reuse, though we ask that you notify us via e-mail when using these materials.

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