Thank You, Karen: Karen Kinoshita Retires after 14 Years at the IAS

Karen Kinoshita is retiring from the University on October 6, 2020. For the many faculty, students, staff, and visitors who have passed through the IAS, Karen has been the first person they encountered at the Institute. The IAS’s reputation for being a welcoming and supportive place is in no small way thanks to Karen, who joined the staff in December 2005, three months after the IAS first opened its doors.

Announcing the 2020–2021 Spotlight Series: Polarization and Identities

A timely event series focusing on Polarization and Identities.

The six-part 2020–2021 series focuses on polarization and identities, inspired by both the 2020 presidential election and the polarization that has appeared in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In an academic year that includes an election, and in an environment in which conversations across different identities and ideologies are becoming increasingly contentious, we hope to model ways to create meaningful dialogue about these difficult-but-important topics for our students and community.