October 2021

Meet IAS Residential Fellow Cassius Adair

Cassius Adair joins the IAS as an American Council of Learned Societies Visiting Fellow. He is also an independent audio producer, writer, and researcher, and operates Sylveon Consulting.

Cass is at work on a project titled “The Transgender Internet,” which brings together transgender theory and computer history to understand trans history not just as a genealogy of in-the-streets resistance, but also as enmeshed within dominant political formations, media infrastructures, and information systems.

IAS Reads: Fall 2021

IAS Staff and Fellows share books and articles we think you might like, too.

Before we get into our usual recommendations, though, there are two books on our minds that, as a staff, we collectively recommend. These two books are tied to the next two IAS Thursdays we’ll be hosting with Minnesota Transform: A Just University for Just Futures. Paired together, these books have us thinking about coalition building both here at the University and beyond as we work together towards institutional change, justice, and liberation.

Moving Tracts: A Mixed Media Exhibition, Reception, and Artist Interaction

Does food evoke memories? Does food create identities? Does food write histories?

Explore how food creates new identities by transforming the personal into the political. By bringing together testimonies of nostalgia and gestures of affect in mixed media, this exhibition opens up new creative possibilities to move beyond the limitations of borders and boundaries and creates sensorial experience to invoke the food memories and histories.

Systemwide Resources for Faculty, Researchers, and Grad Students, too: A Conversation

Presenters from seven university offices and the University libraries talk about sources of internal funding and other programs to support research and teaching, with opportunities to support collaboration with community, across disciplines and borders. Faculty, staff, and graduate students working with advisors who can support their work are invited; programs discussed are open to each of these groups. Registration is required.


About the Event:

Design and Typography for Academic Writing


Join MIMSGG for a workshop with Brooklyn-based type designer Mirko Velimirovic on Wednesday, October 20th from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. in Nicholson Hall, Room 135.

In this three-hour workshop, Mirko will introduce basic theory and principles of layout, lettering, and typography, and guide participants through the stages of typesetting an essay. Participants will leave with resources and ideas for future projects, including free and open-source software and fonts.