Rickerby Hinds | Dreamscape

This dramatic hip-hop spoken word and dance performance depicts the death and inner life of a young woman, Myeisha Mills, based on the true story of Tyisha Miller. It reimagines the night she was shot by four police officers while she lay unconscious in a car. The two-person play takes a powerfully clear-eyed look at the relationships between race, the body, and violence by following the trajectory and impact of the 12 bullets that struck her—each one triggering its own unique memory.

Performers: John Merchant and Natali Micciche

IAS and Northrop | Borderline

In this panel discussion, we'll look at Borderline, a piece by Company Wang Ramirez, in advance of their performance on the Carlson Family Stage on Saturday, March 3. The discussion will include examining the role of dance as a tool to analyze and interpret international relations, issues of immigration and borders, and hip hop, in an international context.

Arshiya Sethi | Politics, Performance, and Patronage: The Problematic in the National Recognition of the Dance of Assam's Sattras

In November 2000, India gave national recognition to the Dance of the Sattras of Assam, compelling it to live two lives – as religious ritual and as stage practice. This move has resulted in subtle yet significant changes to the dance—including the geography and gender of those practicing the dance, as well as its agenda, artistry, and content. This talk interrogates this federal maneuver as one driven by political expediency rather than artistic valorization.