March 2024

Announcing the 2024–2025 IAS Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellows!

We are delighted to announce the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellows joining the Institute for Advanced Study for 2024–2025.

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellows spend a year in residence at the IAS. Together with our Faculty Fellows and other scholars in residence, they constitute a supportive interdisciplinary intellectual community in which they work intensively on their own research and creative projects and meet regularly to discuss their work and exchange ideas.

We look forward to welcoming each of these scholars to our community!


I the People: The Rhetoric of Conservative Populism in the United States



Mainstream conservative rhetoric, dating even far back in the 20th century, has put the United States on track to our contemporary firestorm of racist, misogynist, and gendered aggrievement. Paul E. Johnson (University of Pittsburgh) complicates philosophical narratives about conservatism as a heterodox ideology, focusing on its reliance upon cunning, longstanding identity politics and the possessive liberal tradition.

The World is Our Stage: The Global Rhetorical Presidency and the Cold War



Allison M. Prasch (University of Wisconsin, Madison) considers how presidential appearances overseas broadcast American superiority during the Cold War. Drawing on extensive archival research, she theorizes the “global rhetorical presidency,” and reveals how the president’s physical presence defined the boundaries of the “Free World” and elevated the United States in Cold War geopolitics.

The Politics of Aesthetics: New Books in Film Studies



Join Professors Maggie Hennefeld (CSCL), Travis Workman (AMES), and Lorenzo Fabbri (FRIT) for a joint presentation of their recently published books on cinema, aesthetics, and politics: Death by Laughter: Female Hysteria and Early Cinema (Columbia University Press, 2024);  Political Moods: Film Melodrama and the Cold War (University of California Press, 2023); and Cinema is the Strongest Weapon: Race-Making and Resistance in Fascist Italy (University of Minnesota Press, 2023).