June 2021

Meet a Short-Term Fellow: Christian Bell

I come to the short-term fellowship as a scholar of performance with a vested interest in how we collectively shift the emphasis of the Land-Grant/Land-Grab university from economic progress to the struggle for equity and inclusion. In “Changing the Story About Higher Education's Public Purposes and Work,” Scott Peters states that, “we need to pay attention, in each of our particular locations, to the ways we and others tell the story of our public purposes and work. By story, I do not mean just history.

Sophie Hunt

290 Northrop, UMN-TC East Bank

Sophie B. Hunt works at IAS as Internship Coordinator for Minnesota Transform. Previously, she was Public Programs Manager for Hennepin History Museum, where she collaborated with community partners, museum staff, and interns from University of Minnesota to develop and implement public history projects. Sophie received a PhD in History from University of Michigan, specializing in U.S., Mexican, and Indigenous histories.

Andrea Manolov

290 Northrop, UMN-TC East Bank

Andrea Manolov (she/her) explores radical modes of writing histories and visioning futures. Committed to public history work grounded in transformative justice and community building, Andrea brings together her energy as a supporter, organizer, and innovator with skills in research, exhibition ideation, and arts programming. Her public history work includes co-directing History for the Future, a public exhibition and program series exploring the histories and politics of mutual aid practices.