April 2021

Building Peace in Colombia: Women & Struggles for an Anti-Patriarchal World


 Join this dialogue about the experience (current and historical) of violence in the bodies of women and the feminization of structural violence. We will discuss the impact of US government policies on violence in Colombia and the proposals from the women of the People's Congress of the Colombian social movement to resist and build Popular Power and an anti-patriarchal society.

Announcing the 2021–2022 IAS Research and Creative Collaboratives!

We are delighted to announce the IAS Research and Creative Collaboratives for 2021–2022.

These self-initiated groups represent some of the most innovative work at the University. Their work—be it the development of a performance piece, the exploration of a concept or research area through different disciplines, or the creation of a supportive intellectual community—exemplifies synergistic interdisciplinary activity, and transcends departmental structures. We are thrilled to support this work!


Emerging Immigration Histories of the Pandemic


We are still beginning to understand the full impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic on the United States, but it is already clear that the disease has disproportionately affected immigrant, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Many are at the frontlines of "essential" industries and have been at greater risk of infection and mortality. Some have been in industries that have shut down or greatly contracted during the pandemic. Others have been at the forefront of increased PPE distribution and vaccine development.

Announcing the 2021–2022 IAS Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellows!

We are delighted to announce the IAS Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellows for 2021–2022. 


Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellows spend a year in residence at the IAS. Together with our Faculty Fellows and Scholars in Residence, they constitute a supportive interdisciplinary intellectual community in which they work intensively on their own research and creative projects and meet regularly to discuss their work and exchange ideas.

We look forward to welcoming each of these scholars to our fellows community!