February 2021

Denise Pike

290 Northrop, UMN-TC East Bank

Denise Pike works at the Institute for Advanced Study as project manager for Minnesota Transform. She is a public historian dedicated to linking inequalities in our present day with evidence of historical injustice. Her research interests and past work include the intersection of data, mapping, race, power, and urban history to address today’s disparities. She received a Master’s in Heritage Studies and Public History from the University of Minnesota.

Meet an IAS Staff Member: Denise Pike

Denise Pike
Project Manager
Minnesota Transform: A Just University for Just Futures


I am so thrilled to join the Minnesota Transform team as project manager. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Urban Studies and a Master’s in Heritage Studies and Public History (HSPH). I bring to the initiative a background in public history focused racial justice projects adjacent to the University.

IAS Reads: February 2021

This month, we’re reading up for events featuring two books—one on how we can reshape the University to work more thoughtfully with the greater public (Generous Thinking), and another on the ongoing resistance and reclamation of Indigenous peoplehood and identity (Translated Nation). Please join us for these events, or read along with us!


FAWK This Shit: A “Performance” and Conversation with Asian Women Who are Over It

Feb 24 2021 | 6:00 - 7:30pm

May Lee-Yang
Saymoukda Vonsay
Naomi Ko

Join May, Saymoukda, and Naomi as they talk about how they use comedy and humor to disarm, attack, and unpack the sh*t of the world. Plus a roundtable conversation with Professor Maggie Hennefeld (Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature).