IAS in the News, February 2021


A collection of recent news featuring IAS residential fellows, staff, and initiatives.

  • “Publics are formed when we share emotions with each other; January 6 and the video and the audio evidence really does that.” Current IAS Faculty Fellow Emily Winderman was recently interviewed by John Rash—who is moderating this year’s Spotlight Series—about the difference in having video and audio evidence during the impeachment trial. | Star Tribune
  • Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, IAS Faculty Fellow in Fall 2020, was recently interviewed about her research relating to life expectancy, race, and COVID-19. The latest news is that, since the start of the pandemic a year ago, life expectancy in the U.S. has dropped by a full year; however, “the drop is much larger for racial groups, for example in the Black population, 2.7 years,” she says. | Kare 11 News
  • The New York Times recently featured “Campu,” a new podcast about Japanese American incarceration, hosted by Hana Maruyama (IAS Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow 2019–2020) and her brother). The podcast features “beautiful narration that connects the survivors‘ moving testimonies to pasts long before 1942 and into the present day.” | New York Times
  • As vaccination efforts continue, many are looking back to previous mass vaccination efforts—for polio. IAS Director Jennifer Gunn—who is a medical historian—joined MPR’s Cathy Wurzer on Morning Edition to share more about that time. | MPR News
  • “[Minnesota Transform] is hoping to do more of that historical acknowledgment and really putting things out on the table that happened: good things, not so good things, horrible things, uncomfortable things that people don’t want to talk about. It’s not going to be an easy project, but it’s one that needs to be done.” Minnesota Indian Affairs Council Executive Director Shannon Geshick, Tadd Johnson, and others involved in Minnesota Transform recently spoke more about how the project hopes to improve Tribal-University relations. | Minnesota Daily & In the Know Podcast
  • Perry Moriearty, IAS Research and Collaborative Convener for the group Just Education: Addressing the Ripple Effect of Incarceration in Minnesota, recently spoke about his work with law students who fight life sentences for incarcerated juveniles: “[The students have] all been incredibly devoted to our clients. They have really engaged with the legal issues, put in thousands of hours to attempt to convince courts and prosecutors that our clients shouldn’t die in prison.” | Minnesota Daily
  • William McGeveran, Faculty Fellow in Fall 2012, was recently interviewed about the new Minneapolis ban on facial recognition use by police and others—which many contend as a victory for both privacy advocates, and people of color. McGeveran notes that this ban puts Minneapolis ahead of many other cities in addressing the potential misuse of this technology. | Star Tribune
  • Kathy Quick, Faculty Fellow in Spring 2013, will lead the new M Safe Implementation Team, which will examine and implement the safety recommendations retained by the University’s engagement with an external consultant. (While at the IAS, she worked on a project titled, “Intersections of Bioecological and Institutional Paradigms for Practicing Resilience: An Investigation of Collaborative Environmental and Community Stewardship.”) | Minnesota Daily