Convener Information: Payments

Collaboratives may make payments to non-University people, companies, or to pay honoraria to visiting speakers or consultants. Please follow these instructions to use your IAS funds to make payments.

All payments on the Twin Cities campus using Collaborative funds must be processed via IAS staff. Do not submit any forms to your departmental administrators. Conveners on other system campuses may find it simpler to work through their departments. Please contact Susannah Smith, IAS Managing Director (612-624-2921 [email protected]) to discuss the best procedure for your Collaborative.

Payment requests should be submitted via the IAS Payment Request Form. Skyler Dorr, IAS Program Specialist ([email protected]) will follow up if additional information is needed.

  • If you will be paying more than $2,999 for a service (this includes honoraria of $3,000 or more), we must execute a Contract for Professional Services. This should be initiated IN ADVANCE of the work. Fill out forms 1669 (Professional Services Information Sheet) and 1697 (Statement of Work Attachment for Professional Services). Both are available at the University’s Forms Library.
  • If you are paying honoraria to international visitors, they must also provide a copy of their current passport and the visa stamp on which they entered. Payment to non-citizens is not possible without confirmation of visa status, so please remind your international visitors to bring their passports when they come to the IAS office. If they leave the U.S. without giving us a copy of their passport and visa, we might not be able to process payment at all.
  • Non-citizens who do not have a Social Security number or Individual Tax ID Number (ITIN) may be charged 30% tax on honoraria. It behooves these visitors to apply for an ITIN in advance of their visit to avoid this tax. Other taxes may apply, depending on the tax treaty with that country.
  • When a speaker comes for an event, Skyler will provide paperwork for signature, an expenses worksheet, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope for returning of itemized receipts. Work with Skyler ([email protected]) in advance to insure that you have all the necessary paperwork to process the honorarium payment. 
  • An honorarium of $3,000 or more requires a Contract for Professional Services (see above). All honoraria over $600 may be taxed.
  • Honoraria for international speakers may be charged additional taxes, depending on what country the speaker is from. Honoraria for international speakers will also be taxed if the speaker does not provide a U.S. Social Security or Tax Identification number.
  • Honoraria payments are processed after the event; to ensure efficient processing, we still recommend you submit payment request details prior to the event itself and share final confirmation following the event. If the speaker has incurred travel expenses which you plan to reimburse, payment processing will not occur until after all itemized receipts are in hand. The goal is to have one check cut per guest speaker that includes both honorarium and incurred travel expenses.