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This Minnesota Transform Spotlight was first published in the Minnesota Transform Special Edition Newsletter on April 18, 2022. Thank you to all of our contributing partners and student interns.



Who are Minnesota Transform Interns?

This spring, Minnesota Transform placed 58 undergraduate and graduate student interns across community organizations and University departments doing social justice projects in the humanities. Our community partners include local arts and advocacy organizations, as well as public schools and higher education institutions in Minnesota.

We asked a few of our interns to share highlights of their experiences. Their work includes contributing to the creation of a local history exhibition on school segregation, relationship building across decolonial campus mapping projects, community programming for artist development, and much more.


2022-0420 MNT Spotlight

Minnesota Youth Story Squad (MYSS)

Minnesota Transform partners with Minnesota Youth Story Squad to support undergraduate students in internships focused on racial justice with youth in public high school and middle schools. MYSS undergraduate interns lead workshops on racial, environmental, and social justice through art and media projects with Minneapolis Public School youth as mentors in the classroom. Check out the Minnesota Youth Story Squad Instagram @mnyouthstorysquad

2022-0420 MNT Spotlight 2
Minnesota Youth Story Squad interns at South High School. Image credit: Alia Jeraj for Minnesota Youth Story Squad, February 2022.

Hennepin History Museum

This spring, Minnesota Transform interns are working at Hennepin History Museum to support the creation of Separate Not Equal: The Hale-Field Pairing, a forthcoming exhibit and program series which explores the history of activism against segregation in the public school system. Internship projects for the Separate Not Equal exhibit include research, writing, and exhibit design while working directly with Hennepin History Museum staff.


2022-0420 MNT Spotlight 3
Image from Minneapolis Star, September 2, 1971; courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society. Join the Opening Celebration of the Separate Not Equal exhibit on May 14th, 2022 at Hennepin History Museum.

Tamales y Bicicletas

Tamales y Bicicletas (TyB) works with young adults and their families of Latin, Indigenous, and East African descent, to create a Jardín Urbano/ Urban Farming Institute to localize and decolonize our food systems in South Minneapolis. This semester, undergraduate and graduate student interns are working with Tamales y Bicicletas to assist in garden preparation; outreach and sustainable food education planning with Phillips area neighbors; and event planning with other urban farms and growers.

Tamales y Bicicletas Instagram
Tamales y Bicicletas Facebook

2022-0420 MNT Spotlight 4
Interns Kayley Raasch and Eddy Olson-Enamorado , and architect/UMN professor Daniel Handeen digging the trenches for the buried ductwork for transferring heat to the soil. Image credit: Jessie Merriam.
2022-0420 MNT Spotlight 5
Eddy, José Luis Villaseñor (TyB director), and Jessie Merriam (MNT community engagement coordinator) in the greenhouse. Image credit: Plant Grow Share coordinator and TyB volunteer Alisa Hoven.
2022-0420 MNT Spotlight 6
Eddy breaking up tough dirt (there used to be a house on this lot, we find lots of treasures. Image credit: Alisa Hoven.

Memorialize the Movement

Minnesota Transform interns work directly with the community arts preservation and mobilization efforts of Memorialize the Movement (MtM), a grassroots organization created to preserve the plywood murals made during the Minneapolis uprising of 2020. MtM sheds light on issues of police accountability and racial inequality by uplifting the voices of the people. Engage with Memorialize the Movement’s upcoming events and exhibitions on their website and Instagram

Support Memorialize the Movement by donating here.

2022-0420 MNT Spotlight 7
Memorialize the Movement interns: Amira, Dani, and Gebriela. Image credit: Memorialize the Movement.





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