Meet an IAS Staff Member: Skyler Dorr


Please help us welcome Skyler Dorr, who is joining us as a project specialist and front desk receptionist. Skyler will also be supporting the Heritage Studies and Public History master’s program.


You’re bringing some great new experience to the team! Tell us about your background and what you were up to before starting this position.

SD: I received a BA in German and Political Science from UMN in 2015, eventually returning to the University at the Disability Resource Center in 2018, where I variously served as a front desk person, administrative support, and access assistant for a little over three years. Initially hired as a senior access assistant, my main job was working 1:1 with students, staff, and faculty to ensure equal access to campus, most often through note taking, visual descriptions of inaccessible classroom content, document conversion, general office tasks, etc. Through that work, I began covering for the receptionist at the front desk and was eventually moved into that position full-time, where I learned a lot of the workplace skills that brought me to IAS.


What are you most looking forward to about joining the IAS, HSPH, and working in this new role?

SD: In my previous role, I learned a lot about administrative support in a very fast-paced and engaging environment. I’m looking forward to further developing those skills, learning and developing new processes for myself in this role, and working with interesting people and projects!


What gets you excited outside of work? 

SD: Outside of work, my primary passions are working for justice and creativity. Most of my time that isn’t spent with my partner, our pets, or creative projects is spent on activism! It’s incredibly important to me that I stay engaged in the world around me and actively participate in making it better. As far as creative projects are concerned, I enjoy creative writing and graphic design.