Meet an IAS Collaborative: Project for Advancing Health Care Stewardship


Project for Advancing Health Care Stewardship

2020–2021 Research and Creative Collaborative

Mary Butler; Health Policy and Management, SPH
Jeannine Ouellette; SPH
Tai Mendenhall; Family Social Science, CEHD

Being that our collaborative, Project for Advancing Healthcare Stewardship, is deeply grounded in stewardship issues related to health, health equity, and intergenerational justice, our first tasks have been to adapt our work to better reflect the realities of Covid-19 and the priorities of the essential worldwide antiracism movement catalyzed by America’s ongoing public health crisis of police violence against black people. To help guide these adaptations, we have recruited a steering committee and are grateful to Michael Kleber-Diggs, Linda Frizzell, and Paul Galchutt for their valuable time and contributions in planning the six virtual public forums we will be hosting in 2021. Forums will begin in February and occur twice monthly through April followed by a larger symposium in later spring or early summer. We’re just beginning recruitment for the forums, with an emphasis on strategies to maximize diversity within each group of 12 multigenerational participants. We’re also identifying short literary readings to be used in the narrative medicine portion of the forums. Finally, we have developed a framework for a project website for PAHS and are working on making that live within the next month.


This series features an IAS Research and Creative Collaborative. Each profile is written by the group as a way to share their projects, goals, and experiences as part of their time supported by the IAS.

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