Meet an IAS Collaborative: ArTeS


ArTeS: Art + Technology + Science

Diane Willow; Art, CLA
Jennifer Newsom; Architecture, CDes
Daniel Keefe; Computer Science and Engineering, CSE
Vicente Diaz; American Indian Studies, CLA

In collaboration with:
Sumanth Gopinath; 
Music, CLA
Colin McFadden; LATIS, CLA
Virajita Singh; Architecture, CDes, Office of Equity and Diversity


ArTeS is an emerging, intercollegiate initiative that centers the arts in Art + Technology + Science collaborations at the University of Minnesota. ArTeS collaborators are passionate about creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive network and exchange among disciplines that are foundational to ArTeS while imagining interstitial forms that reshape their boundaries. Our initial dialogues have highlighted the importance of bringing our whole, multidimensional, selves into the process, as we articulate experiential and experimental modes of research and pedagogy that will render ArTeS more tangible and visible. Lelia Kinney met with the collaborative and with university leaders in November 2019 to share her experience conceptualizing and securing funding for the MIT Center for Art, Science, and Technology. Her emphasis on public communication led to our next step, the design of a now in-progress ArTeS website. We look forward to hosting Gundalan Nadarajan art theorist, curator, Dean and Professor at the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan in late February, early March 2021, and to a virtual gathering with students as we plan for a Fall 2021 series of guest artist visits.



This series features an IAS Research and Creative Collaborative. Each profile is written by the group as a way to share their projects, goals, and experiences as part of their time supported by the IAS.



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