Introducing Open Rivers Issue Seventeen: Relationality


Issue Seventeen (Fall 2020) of Open Rivers was created in connection with the Mellon Environmental Stewardship, Place, and Community Initiative. As part of the first year of this work, Christine Taitano DeLisle worked with Open Rivers staff to help us imagine, coordinate, and create work that could be a resource both for people engaged in the Initiative work moving forward and a broader audience interested in Indigenous epistemologies and methodologies.

The work in this issue focuses on the interrelatedness of Indigenous ways of knowing and what we call the “environment” in Western modes of thinking. We titled this issue “Relationality” to highlight this connectedness. Many of the pieces in this issue offer an implicit challenge: how might our ways of engaging environmental challenges change if we considered ourselves as related, if we considered the “natural world” as other-than-human relatives? How might this interconnectedness impact our relationships with the world around us and with each other?

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