Human in the Data Fellowship Profile: Milica Milic-Kolarevic

Milica Milic-Kolarevic

Law of Gift of Gratitude: Serbian Oncology Practices

Milica Milic-Kolarevic is analyzing the damages and benefits of Serbia's new "The gift of gratitude" law, and what it could mean for Serbian oncology practices.

During the summer of 2020, as a fellow of Human in the Data MNDrive program, I am working on developing an article that critically engages with the changing legal terrain of healthcare in Serbia. I closely examine a law, passed in 2019, called: "The gift of gratitude". As it is outlined, it allows medical personnel to receive gifts as gratitude for their services. The practice of gift giving, despite being incredibly common in the region, was previously recognized through laws on corruption and bribery, and was, albeit selectively, legally persecuted. My work will show that not only will this law have incredibly controversial effects on the oncology clinical trials already happening in the region, but it can also shape the future landscape of oncology clinical trials as it allows for less legal scrutiny of recruitment strategies pharmaceutical companies develop and use to obtain access to oncology clinics, doctors and their services.

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