Human in the Data Fellowship Profile: Manami Bhattacharya

Manami Bhattacharya

The Effect of Mental Illness on Outcomes Among Older Women with Breast Cancer

Manami Bhattacharya is looking to collect that data that tells researchers how mental health and breast cancer are connected.

In general, my research interests focus on cancer disparities and women’s health. This summer, I will be working on constructing the dataset for my project, focusing on how mental illness affects breast cancer outcomes in older women.  We know women with mental illness suffer higher mortality from breast cancers and my project will focus on understanding why by using cancer registry data merged with administrative data to determine whether women with mental illness are diagnosed at a later stage, receive less guideline-concordant treatment, and confirm reports of higher mortality. I hope to use the summer to navigate the complex set of data to clean and generate my analytic dataset from which all my work will be based.

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