Humanities Without Walls National Predoctoral Career Diversity Workshop Application

Summer 2023 Application Instructions

The University of Minnesota will nominate one student for the Humanities Without Walls 2023 Career Diversity Workshop. To be considered for nomination, your application and letters of support must be submitted by Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

NOTE: Applications open October 1, 2022

Required Documents

  • A narrative (1,000 words maximum) explaining the applicant’s intended career trajectory and addressing the following questions:
    • What does “career diversity” mean to you and what do you know about career diversity in graduate education?
    • Why are you interested in attending the workshop?
    • What kinds of knowledge and skills are you seeking from the workshop? 
    • How do you envision sharing what you learn at the workshop with your colleagues, department, campus, and beyond?
    • What experiences have you had in applied or public humanities or public engagement?
    • • What do you hope to achieve as a result of attending the workshop?
  • CV or resume (two pages maximum)
  • Two letters of recommendation. One letter should be from the applicant’s primary adviser/dissertation chair; both should emphasize the applicant’s fit for this workshop

Submitting Your Application

Applications will be submitted through InfoReady Review (link will be available when applications open on October 1)
You must log in with your UMN internet ID.

Complete the form. You will need the following information:

  • Name and email
  • Doctoral degree program
  • Date of admission to doctoral degree program
  • Intended degree conferral date
  • ABD status
  • Name and email addresses of the two people who are writing your letters of recommendation. One of these must be your primary advisor or dissertation director

Upload your Narrative statement and CV/resume as directed.
Check the box as indicated to certify your commitment to the workshop.
Click “Submit”*

You have the option to complete a voluntary self-identification form that asks how you identify as to gender, ethnicity, and race. This information is being collected by HWW (not the IAS) to better understand the demographics of workshop applicants. All information will be considered confidential and kept separate from your application file. If you wish to complete this form, click here.


Submitting Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation must be submitted directly to the IAS. One of these must be from your primary advisor or dissertation director. These letters should emphasize your fit for the workshop.

Letters should be sent by attachment directly to [email protected]. Subject line should be: “HWW recommendation—[applicant last name].”

Letters of recommendation must be received by Tuesday, November 1, 2022.