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Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 11:45pm

THROWBACK THURSDAYS: Global Crisis of Displacement and Undoing Border Imperialism

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Harsha Walia

The US is facing a border crisis unlike anything in its history. The establishment of internment camps, constructed and run along a carceral model, is not new, however; the US has long held a conflicted view of who is considered a valid citizen, and of the purpose and porousness of its borders, particuarly to the south. With the US's moral--and economic--reliance on the rhetoric of open borders increasingly at odds with the words and actions of both local and federal governments, thousands of immigrants, who have committed no crimes according to US law, are being held in inhumane conditions, subject to torture, neglect, humiliation, and institutionally-encouraged dehumanization
In this #ThrowbackThursdays talk from November 17, 2016, Vancouver-based activist and writer Harsha Walia discusses the criminalization of immigration with an emphasis on the U.S. and Canada. She also brings the logic of capitalism into conversation with the apparent contradictions between politicians’ xenophobic rhetoric and the two countries’ labor policy. Walia is cofounder of the migrant justice group No One Is Illegal and author of Undoing Border Imperialism.  

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