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Thursday, August 13, 2020 - 11:00pm

Throwback Thursday: Building Power via Community Care

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This Thowback Thursday, we return to an important conversation with Monica O. Montgomery, who shares cultivation methods, engagement strategies, and cultural advocacy practices to enrich your socially responsive practice. Liberated space is right below your feet as you discover your role in championing change. Find inspiration in heritage and community histories and seek justice in museums, society, and beyond.
Monica O. Montgomery is an arts and culture innovator who uses creativity and social change as a means of bridging the gap between people and movements. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Broadcast Communication from Temple University and a Masters of Arts in Corporate Communication from LaSalle University. She is an assistant professor in the Museum Studies graduate schools of Pratt Institute and New York University, and an adjunct professor with Harvard University. As co-founder and strategic director of Museum Hue, she advocates for people of color in arts, culture, and museums, working nationally to train leaders and partner with museums to facilitate diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. In addition, Monica is the founding director of Museum of Impact, the world’s first mobile social justice museum.


Shortly before joining us at the IAS, Monica Montgomery offered a TedX Talk on the importance of being active in key moments of history, standing up for your beliefs, and the ways that getting involved in positive movements can help to change the world. You can watch that talk, called How to Be an Upstander, here. 
Recordings of and resources related to past IAS programs can found in our Multimedia Library. If you enjoyed this event, we recommend starting with those related to settler colonial legacies.

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