Humanities Without Walls

Humanities Without Walls Grand Research Challenge Seed Grant Information Session


Humanities Without Walls funds projects addressing Grand Research Challenge with grants of up to $150,000. Proposals for new grants organized around the methodologies of reciprocity and redistribution will be due in fall 2021 and fall 2022. The full call for proposals will be available in early March, 2021, and more information on the theme is available here

IAS Screens: Hmong Memory at the Crossroads

Join us for a free screening of this 2015 documentary, made in part with the support of the Humanities Without Walls Consortium. This film will be shown in the Best Buy Theater, on the 4th Floor of Northrop.

“Hmong Memory at the Crossroads” weaves the stories of three generations of Hmong refugees in the Midwest and France. Liachoua Naolu Lee, a Hmong-American from Rochester Hills, MI, revisits his past as a former refugee and son of Hmong veterans of the French Indochina War and of the American Secret War in Laos.