IAS 5x5 Initiative

NOTE: We will be relaunching the 5x5 Initiative in Fall 2023, with a call to be released in late Spring 2023. Please stay tuned for further information.

The IAS 5x5 initiative brings together small groups of people from differing disciplinary backgrounds and positions in the University and off-campus communities for a low-stakes, short-term exploration.

The name, 5x5, comes from the intent to gather five people together to meet about five times.

Our goals are simple: 

  • to expand your intellectual and personal networks; 
  • to have a space and a group to explore new ideas; 
  • for participants (you) to engage with people across disciplines and other boundaries in order to learn about and appreciate different perspectives and methods; 
  • and to have a different kind of experience (and fun) than you may get in your daily work. 

We recognize that building collaborative relationships and interdisciplinary work may take a long time; this gives you a taste of the possibilities.  The benefits for the IAS are that we get to meet new people, expand our networks on and off campus, and promote interdisciplinarity and collaboration.

Groups may be organized around a theme or topic of common interest, readings, an activity, an idea, or bring together individuals the IAS thinks would find stimulating common ground. The IAS has the responsibility for putting groups together; unlike a grant proposal or an IAS Research and Creative Collaborative, you won’t have to identify co-conspirators.* You are welcome to list categories of people or disciplines whose work you would like to know more about, or suggest colleagues or others that you think would be interested in participating in a 5x5 (not necessarily the same one you might be in). This can include off-campus people and job categories.

Past and current 5x5 groups include:

  • Storytelling and Climate
  • Human in the Data
  • Outcomes/Data/Learning Analytics
  • Biorhythms
  • Movement and Gravity
  • Corporate Social Responsibility



Stories of Successful 5x5 Groups