Humanities Without Walls Grand Research Challenge Letter of Intent

Letters of Intent Due to the IAS:
NO LATER than October 1, 2022

Grant Applications due to HWW (via SPA):
November 15, 2022

The Humanities Without Walls Consortium (HWW) is inviting proposals for Grand Research Challenge Grants to fund multi-institutional, collaborative, humanities-based research with “a commitment to methodologies of reciprocity and redistribution.” Grants will be made for up to $150,000 over a two-year period beginning January 1, 2023. All applications must be submitted through the Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) and approved by your department and college. Please allow sufficient time for processing and submission by SPA. Read the full RFP here.


Letter of Intent

PIs and subaward PIs from the University of Minnesota must first submit a Letter of Intent to apply for this challenge via the InfoReady Review system by October 1, 2022. Please include the project title and all external collaborators and their institutions.

Submit your letter of intent via InfoReady Review now.

Grand Research Challenge Application Resources

About Humanities Without Walls Grand Research Challenge Grants

Successful Grand Research Challenge Grant projects will demonstrate a commitment to collaboration and the incorporation of methodologies of reciprocity and redistribution. Project teams must be led by a tenure-track faculty member at one of the 16 HWW Consortium institutions, involve graduate students in meaningful roles, and include partners from at least two of the following:

  • At least two HWW consortial partner universities, or one HWW consortial partner and at least one from the following:
  • Regional and community colleges
  • Primarily minority-serving institutions
  • Historically Black colleges and universities
  • Hispanic serving institutions
  • Tribal colleges and universities
  • Local and/or national cultural institutions and community organizations



Questions may be directed to [email protected]