Meet an IAS Collaborative: Afrofemininist Transatlantic Collaboration


Afrofeminist Sound, Touch, and Speculation in Brixton, UK and North Minneapolis: A Transatlantic Collaboration

Zenzele Isoke; Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, CLA
Sayge Carroll; Department of Art, CLA
Ego Ahaiwe; Chelsea College of Art and Design, Tate—Britain

This project explores Afrofeminist forms of cultural organization and knowledge-making in London and the Twin Cities. This project magnifies and gives center stage to the visual, material, and performative characteristics of arts-centered, transatlantic collaboration. In this project we ask, how does Afrofeminist collaborative artmaking serve a critical function in the formation of diaspora as both political aspiration and solidarity for feminist futures in urban settings? Following in the onto-epistemic footsteps of Toni Cade Bambara, our goal is to shift attention away Afrofeminist artists who have achieved national and international acclaim. Instead we seek to create the intimacies necessary to gain access to the “back closet” of Afrofuturist feminist artists/activists who are unacknowledged and whose under-curated works archive contemporary protest histories of the black diasporic metropolis.

This fall, the Collaborative held two community gatherings: an autumn soundlab of sacred sharing through healing sound, rest, art, play, and being with other African-ascendant people in safety and peace (and socially distanced). The second event included spiritual doll-making with North Minneapolis artist Phyllis Chantham. Additional events are planned for the spring.

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