September 2022

Hysteria, Hypnosis, and Hallucination: Silent Cinema Shorts with Live Music Featuring Dreamland Faces


In the early 20th century, filmmakers were frequently compared to hypnotists, enticing hysterical movie audiences with wild collective hallucinations! In these rarely seen films curated by UMN’s Maggie Hennefeld, a woman is hypnotized by a Svengali, a jealous lover practices tele-hypnosis to defeat his rival, an overworked housemaid has sleeping sickness, a female coach drive can’t believe her eyes, an obsessive inventor gives us a sneak preview of Zoom, and cinematography offers a miraculous cure to hysterical amnesia.

Preserving and Disseminating Oral History Collections (Reading Group)


The first meeting of the new “Collecting Oral Histories of West Central Minnesota” Collaborative of the Institute for Advanced Study will be a reading group discussion centered on the preservation and dissemination of oral history collections. What are the best archival practices? How can we encourage the pedagogic, scholarly, and community use of existing oral histories? Anyone and everyone interested in telling local stories is welcome! Readings will be available in advance via Briggs Library Electronic Reserve.