University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota

The Institute for Advanced Study offered two faculty seminars connected with the University Symposium on Body & Knowing.  These seminars provided faculty and graduate students with the opportunity of in-depth reading, discussion, and study of topics related to Body & Knowing

The first Body & Knowing seminar, Beyond the Eye: Toward an understanding of non-visual theories and methodologies, was offered in Spring 2009.  The seminar was designed and led by Juliette Cherbuliez (French & Italian) and Michael Gaudio (Art History) with the participation of J.B. Shank (History).  It met every other Tuesday at 2:30-5:00 p.m., starting January 27, 2009.

The second seminar, Corporeal Epistemologies: Knowing and Body Across the Disciplines, designed and led by Alan Love (Philosophy) and David Valentine (Anthropology) was offered in Spring 2010. It met Tuesdays 2:30-5:00pm, starting January 19, and biweekly from January 26 through the end of the semester.

Participation in each seminar is limited to approximately 10 people. Faculty who participate will get a modest research stipend.  Those selected to participate in the seminar will be expected to make a firm commitment to attend all seminar meetings.  Selection of faculty participants will be made by early Fall semester, and of graduate-student participants by early November so that participants can arrange their spring schedules accordingly.