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University of Minnesota

The Institute for Advanced Study offered two faculty seminars connected with the University Symposium on Abundance and Scarcity during each academic year during the period 2010-2012.  These seminars will offer faculty the opportunity of in-depth reading, discussion, and study of topics related to Abundance and Scarcity.

The first two seminars, Food, Food Systems, and the New Regionalism and New Curricula for Sustainability Studies: Making Places That Maintain Abundance and Alleviate Scarcity were offered in spring 2011.

Pharmaceutical Geographies, Pharmaceutical Economies, with Susan Craddock (Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies) and Dominique Tobbell (History of Medicine), was offered in the spring of 2012 and Talking over Food: Thinking about Food Abundance & Scarcity in the 21st Century during the fall of 2011.

Participation in each of the seminars is limited to approximately 10 people. Faculty who participate will get a modest research stipend.  Faculty and graduate students who would like to participate in the seminar are invited to send an email to the organizing faculty members with a brief statement of interest and a paragraph about the research or reading that they have done which is relevant to the topic.  Please send this statement as soon as possible.

Those selected to participate in the seminar will be expected to make a firm commitment to attend all seminar meetings.