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University of Minnesota

The Institute for Advanced Study and the Office for the Vice President for Research funded five collaborative interdisciplinary research projects on the topic of Abundance and Scarcity, the subject of the University Symposium beginning in the fall of 2011.

Projects funded on Abundance and Scarcity by the University Symposium Awards

Embodying Abundance and Scarcity in Minnesota, c. 1830-1930
Evan Roberts (History), Principal Investigator
Co-PIs: Christopher Isett (History), J. Michael Oakes (Epidemiology), John Himes (Epidemiology)

The Food-Based Community Economy: Understanding how Community Enterprises Provide for those Experiencing Food Scarcity
Adam Pine (Geography, UMN-Duluth), Principal Investigator
Co-PIs: Rebecca de Souza (Communication, UMN-Duluth)

Moreechika/ Season of Mirage
Ananya Chatterjea (Theatre Arts and Dance), Principal Investigator
Co-PIs: Jigna Desai (Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies), Diyah Larasati (Theatre Arts and Dance), Omise’eke Tinsley (English)

Speculations on ‘Tradition’ and Value: Scarcity/Abundance of Embodied Cultural Practices in the Global South
Diyah Larasati (Theatre Arts and Dance), Principal Investigator
Co-PIs: Hakim Abderrezak (French and Italian)

Climate Change, Inequality, and International Lawmaking: New Governance Approaches to Addressing Abundance and Scarcity
Hari Osofsky (Law School), Principal Investigator
Co-PI: Bradley Karkkainen (Law School)

Application process

Proposals on the topic of Abundance & Scarcity for the academic year 2011-2012 were being accepted until October 15, 2010. The application process is available at the link above for reference purposes only.