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The John E. Sawyer Seminar is composed of multiple projects.

Faculty Seminar Reading Group

This group meets biweekly to discuss writings and images that suggest a new way of seeing the Mississippi River, one that may be useful as communities grapple with grand challenges like climate change, changing demographics and transitions in community and regional economies.

Faculty Seminar Special Events

These special events will explore in greater depth and detail specific issues and opportunities to frame and expand our discussions.

Public Events

In addition to the Spring Symposium, we will have a series of public lectures to explore the ideas and narratives of the Mississippi River.

Spring 2015 Symposium

We will close the seminar with a symposium, April 8-10, that brings invited scholars to campus and broadens and extends our discussions.

Capstone Project

The John E. Sawyer Seminar will culminate in a capstone project that seeks to collect and discuss the diverse perspectives on the subject at hand with an approach that is multivocal and modifiable.

The John E. Sawyer Seminar “Making the Mississippi: Formulating New Water Narratives for the 21st Century” has been awarded to the University of Minnesota by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Sincere appreciation to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is extended for this support.