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Critical Conversation Symposium: Asia and Bios. Sept 20, 2013

A symposium to envision and implement a new kind of Asian studies that can more productively and critically interact with scholarly and public discourses on biology, medicine, and environmental issues. Free and open to the public. 1:00-3:00 Panel 1: New Boundaries of Bios 3:15-4:30 Panel 2: Asian Studies and Science Studies 4:45-5:45 Roundtable Discussion 5:45-6:45 […]

MN Fringe 2013: The Crossroads Project

Aletheia Company Presents The Crossroads Project Directed by IAS 2013-14 Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow Anaïs Nony showing at the Minnesota Fringe Festival

May 9, 2013: TEMS 10th Annual Graduate Student Roundtable

The Theorizing Early Modern Studies Collaborative Tenth Annual Annual Graduate Student Roundtable Thursday, May 9, 5:00-6:30 PM, 235 Nolte, East Bank

April 11, 2013: Modeling Error Correction in Mitosis Using Bodystorming

Modeling Error Correction in Mitosis Using Bodystorming An interactive presentation by Emily Tubman, IAS Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow How are dancers helping to inform a mathematical model of error correction in mitosis? How is bodystorming helping bio-medical engineers expedite initial stages of model development? In “Bodystorming” dancers move like molecules, following rules and “running” simulations for […]

An Interview with Murat Altun, August 15, 2012

Months of field work in Northeastern Turkey, visits with local folklorists and historians, and unexpected coincidences have all led doctoral scholar Murat Altun, from the department of Anthropology, to investigate the Kalandar Winter Festival and its relation to the historical and contemporary conflicts in this region of Turkey. His classically anthropological inquiry investigates the origin […]

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Emily Tubman, Graduate Fellow

Emily Tubman, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering Interview by Amir Hussain The study of cells has taken on a whole new scale in Emily Tubman’s research. A doctoral student in the department of Biomedical Engineering, Tubman is using dancers to simulate the process of proper cell division in order to learn how it happens.

Daniel Winchester, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow, 2010-11

Daniel Winchester (Department of Sociology, CLA) Project: “Between East and West: The Process and Politics of Conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy in the U.S.” Mentor: Jeanne Kilde (Program in Religious Studies, CLA) Winchester used his fellowship year to engage in intensive ethnographic field research among Eastern Orthodox communities in the Twin Cities. He observed and participated […]

Adair Rounthwaite, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow, 2010-11

Adair Rounthwaite (Department of Art History, CLA) Project: “Vulnerable Spaces: Martha Rosler and Group Material at DIA Arts 1988-89” Mentor: Margaret Werry (Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, CLA) Rounthwaite passed her preliminary written and oral exams in the first semester of her fellowship and had completed her first dissertation chapter draft by the end […]

Eric Colleary, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow, 2010-11

Eric Colleary (Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, CLA) Project: “Beyond the Closet: Identities and Histories in LGBT Archives in the United States” Mentor: Regina Kunzel (Departments of History and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, CLA) Colleary conducted a significant amount of research and made solid progress in writing his dissertation. He wrote an article, […]

Greta Bliss, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow, 2010-11

Greta Bliss (Department of French and Italian, CLA) Project: “Untranslating the Maghreb: Reckoning with Gender in Literature and Film from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia” Mentor: J. B. Shank (Department of History, CLA) Over the course of the fellowship Bliss gave several presentations, two of which were at refereed professional conferences (the annual meetings of the […]

Juliana Hu Pegues, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow, 2009-10

Juliana Hu Pegues (American Studies, CLA): “Rethinking Relations: The Interracial Intimacies of Asian America” During her fellowship year, Pegues not only completed substantial work on two chapters of her dissertation, but also made significant revisions to her original project. In response to the feedback from and interactions with other IAS scholars, she has narrowed her […]

Cerise Myers, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow, 2009-10

Cerise Myers (Art History, CLA): “The Visible Posthuman: Envisioning Agency for the Cybernetic Self in Digital Culture” The fellowship gave Myers the time she needed to focus on her dissertation project—reading, outlining, writing, and presenting a conference paper drawn from her research, as well as getting substantive feedback from a variety of scholars outside her […]

Yu-Ju Chien, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow, 2009-10

Yu-Ju Chien (Sociology, CLA): “Constructing Scientific Knowledge and Policies on Avian Influenza: International Organizations and Global Authoritative Knowledge” This fellowship allowed Chien to design and implement a survey to investigate consultancy mechanisms through which intergovernmental organizations attain and filter scientific understandings to develop avian flu policies. She has finished drafts of two dissertation chapters, both […]