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“Don’t Go Back to Sleep: Merging Art-making and Literacy Development in Theory and Practice”: a talk by Eileen Landay, 5/10/07

How can we merge art-making and literacy pedagogy in instructional settings? Professor Landay proposes a series of principles that draw together work in cognitive science, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, aesthetics, cultural studies, critical literacy, and reading theory, offering examples from the work of the ArtsLiteracy Project at Brown University and The Performance Cycle, a instructional […]

“Movements from Silence: Imaginative Spatialities of Lesbians “of Color” in France”: A talk with Paola Bacchetta, 5/4/07

Paola Bacchetta will address the production of transnational imaginative spatialities by lesbian “of color” subjects in France. She will engage with some of the complexities of four modalities of resistance effected with and through psychic, transgressive, directly oppositional, and transformative spacialities. These imaginative spatialities are simultaneously sites for the creation of alternative imaginaries and imaginative […]

Collaborative Instruction in the Arts and Social Sciences: Reanimating Public Space — Joint Class Symposium, 5/2/07

Joint class symposium for courses participating in Collaborative Instruction in the Arts & Social Sciences. Geography Graduate Students Take Part in Dania Hall Charette On Wednesday February 21, the Im/Material Geographies seminar, led by Karen Till will work with grad students from fine art, landscape architecture and theater to explore the Dania Hall site in […]

From Revolting Animation to Animating Revolt: Penguin Love, Doll Sex and Queering the Non-Human – a talk by Judith/Jack Halberstam, 4/26/07

Judith/Jack Halberstam is Professor of English and Gender Studies at the University of Southern California. In this talk, Halberstam examines the narrative and visual transbiological leaps that we have made in our understandings of terms like heterosexuality and homosexuality, male and female, and individual and community in an age of artificial insemination, transsexuality, and cloning. […]

4th Annual Graduate Student Roundtable, 4/26/07

This event is organized by the IAS Collaborative Theorizing Early Modern Studies.

“‘We Don’t Know Who You Are’: Preventing Fraud, Ensuring Permanence, and Fixing Transgender Identity Documents in the Post 9/11 United States” – A talk with Paisley Currah, 4/19/07

For decades, New York City denied the requests to change the gender designation on the birth certificates of transgender people. At most, the city would issue birth certificates with the gender marker left blank to transgender people who could prove they had had “convertive” surgery. The explicitly stated rationale for this policy was “the public […]

Mississippi River Over Time: Changing Landscapes of the River, 4/12/07

Carrie Jennings (Minnesota Geological Survey), Dan Engstrom (St. Croix Research Station), and Deb Swackhamer (Institute on the Environment) will discuss the natural history, recent history, and future prospects for the Mississippi River. How was the river formed, what are its habitat and biological communities, and what is our legacy for the river and future generations? […]

“On the Question of Ottoman Curiosity”: a talk with Giancarlo Casale, 4/12/07

Work-in-Progress Session: Giancarlo Casale, Department of History, University of Minnesota. This event is organized by the IAS Collaborative Theorizing Early Modern Studies.

River Runs Through All of Us, 4/4/07

University of Minnesota Mississippi River Initiative presents a Symposium, “River Runs Through All of Us.” Speakers include Seitu Jones, City of Minneapolis, CPED; Ruth Murphy, East Side Conservation Corps, St. Paul; Kathee Foran, Heart of the Beast Theater, Minneapolis; and MaryLynn Pulscher, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. Response by Paul Labovitz, Mississippi National River and […]

“Beyond Marriage: Building New Alliances Around the Politics of Sexuality”: A talk with Lisa Duggan, 3/31/07

“Beyond Marriage: Building New Alliances around the Politics of Sexuality” will analyze the motivations of the group of intellectuals, activists, and artists that have come together to broaden the agenda of GLBT political movements via the formation of the activist network Duggan will discuss efforts to reframe the narrow terms of the marriage debate […]

“Between Observation and Image: Representations of Insects in Robert Hooke’s ‘Micrographia'”: a talk with Janice Neri, 3/08/07

Work-in-Progress Session: Janice Neri, Department of Art History, Boise State University. This event is organized by the IAS Collaborative Theorizing Early Modern Studies.

“Genealogy, Intimacy, and the Shifting Boundaries Between Legal and Illegal Immigration”: A talk with Eithne Luibheid, 3/1/07

Although government policies and media representations posit a clear distinction between legal and illegal immigration, contemporary scholarship suggests that each are socially produced, and that the line between them “can be crossed in both directions” (Ngai, 2004). This talk addresses the ways that sexual regimes are centrally implicated in producing the distinction between legal and […]

Screenings with Matthias Muller and Christoph Girardet, Hyperfootage, 2/24/07

Filmmaker, photographer, and installation artist Matthias Muller embodies the trajectory of German experimental film of the past 20 years–from Super 8 to found-footage work to the more recent merger of film and digital art in cinematographic installations. Hollywood cinema and experimental techniques coexist in his films, resulting in works that depart from the logic of […]

An Evening with Frederique Devaux, Hyperfootage, 2/23/07

For French-Algerian experimental filmmaker Frederique Devaux, cinema is a plastic art. She takes each image or cell as her aesthetic focus rather than the sequence. Through scratching and marking the film as well as overlaying and reshooting sometimes five or six times, she weaves images and sounds (some from her Berber ancestry) into striking new […]

An Evening with Peter Tscherkassy, Hyperfootage, 2/22/07

By manipulating both found footage and original material beyond recognition, Austrian filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky combines his studies on the aesthetics of cinematography with the dissection of experimental techniques. Originally working in small-gauge film, he established his reputation as one of the foremost figures in the field with his arresting 35mm CinemaScope works that evoke a […]