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Research and Creative Collaboratives represent some of the most innovative work at the University. These self-initiated groups come together with the idea of working on a project of common interest—be it the development of a performance piece, the exploration of a concept or research area through different disciplines, or the creation of a supportive intellectual community. With the Collaboratives, the IAS promotes synergistic interdisciplinary activity transcending departmental structures.


Valentine Cadieux, Sociology, CLA
Stephen Carpenter, Farmers’ Legal Action Group, Law
Tracey Deutsch, History, CLA
Rachel Schurman, Sociology, CLA

Rehearsing Failure: Brecht’s America

Lisa Channer, Theatre Arts & Dance, CLA
Matthias Rothe, German Scandinavian & Dutch, CLA

Code Work: Exploring Digital Studies Through Code

Jeff Kerzner, Computer Science & Engineering, CSEengaged art crop7
Chris Lindgren, Writing Studies, CLA
Alison Link, Extension
Justin Schell, U Libraries

Engaged Art in the Social Sphere

Christine Baeumler, Art, CLA
Ashley Duffalo, Walker Art Center
Howard Oransky, Nash Gallery and Art, CLA
Christina Schmid, Art, CLA
Sarah Schultz, Walker Art Center

Governance of Emerging Technological Systems

Leili Fatehi, Public Affairsguantanamo legal black hole teaching heritage crop
Lewis Gilbert, Institute on the Environment
R. Lee Penn, Chemistry, CSE
Francis Shen, Law


Greg Donofrio, Architecture, CDES
Kat Hayes, Anthropology, CLA
Kevin Murphy, American Studies and History, CLA
Pat Nunnally, River Life Program/IAS

Improvising Ecosystems

Scott Currie, Music, CLA
Maja Radovanlija, Music, CLA
Matthew Tucker, Landscape Architecture, CDES
Diane Willow, Art, CLA

Private for the Public Good? Media Treatments of Education, Citizenship and Opportunity in the United States

Roozbeh Shirazi, Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development, CEHD
Mary Vavrus, Communication Studies, CLA

Reframing Mass Violence:
Human Rights and Social Memory in post-Stalinist Europe

Alejandro Baer, Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, CLA
Barbara Frey, Human Rights Program, CLA
Joachim Savelsberg, Sociology, CLA

Rethinking Visual Media Studies after the Digital Revolution

Jason McGrath, Asian Languages & Literatures, CLA
Laurie Ouellette, Communication Studies, CLA
Graeme Stout, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, CLA

Well-Being in the Midwest African Diaspora

Keith A. Mayes, African American & African Studies, CLAsean connaughty ark of anthropocene crop
Catherine Squires, Communication Studies, CLA

Where is Nature Now?

Christine Baeumler, Art, CLA
Sean Connaughty, Art, CLA
Matthew Tucker, Landscape Architecture, CDES