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The Institute for Advanced Study conducts application processes for many of our programs.

This page provides the most up-to-date information on applications and processes.

Five by Five

The Institute for Advanced Study’s new 5×5 initiative brings together small groups people (about 5) from differing disciplinary perspectives for a low-stakes, short-term exploration (about 5 gatherings over several months). Examples of topics or themes for exploration might be democracy, intelligence, food, or cultural life.

Faculty Fellowships

Each year up to twelve University of Minnesota faculty members are selected as Faculty Fellows. Fellows are released from all teaching obligations during the tenure of their fellowships and are in residence at our offices in Northrop, where they can benefit from the community of scholars and share their work across disciplines.

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowships

The Institute for Advanced Study is pleased to be one of the sites for the Graduate School’s  Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowships which are located in the University’s interdisciplinary research centers and institutes. Interdisciplinary graduate fellows at the IAS are full members of the intellectual community of the IAS. They are given workspace with computer at the IAS, participate in weekly lunches with residential faculty fellows and visiting fellows, and make an informal presentation of their work in progress to other IAS fellows once each semester. Graduate fellows are expected to be in residence at the IAS for their year of fellowship and to participate actively in IAS programs.

Research and Creative Collaboratives

Research and creative collaboratives represent some of the most innovative work at the University. These self-initiated groups come together with the idea of working on a project of common interest—be it the development of a performance piece, the exploration of a concept or research area through different disciplines, or the creation of a supportive intellectual community. With the research and creative collaboratives, the IAS promotes synergistic interdisciplinary activity transcending departmental structures.

A collaborative may include faculty, students, staff, and community members, and each defines its own agenda, plan of work, and outcomes. Collaboratives organize roundtables, public discussions, workshops, presentations, and conferences, and engage as a group in research, curricular planning, grant writing, and intellectual exploration. The IAS offers modest funding and administrative support to the collaboratives, allowing participants to focus on their intellectual and creative work without having to worry about myriad details of scheduling, ordering books, or making travel arrangements for visiting scholars. The funds and the space are designed to facilitate conversations within collaboratives, across collaboratives, and to the larger public that might not otherwise occur. Each collaborative also has a public dimension—a presentation of research in progress, a performance, or a conversation.

Interdisciplinary Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship

The IAS announces the inaugural year competition for Interdisciplinary Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowships as part of the Capacity Building for 21st-Century Scholarship Dissertation Proposal Development training program made possible by a grant from the Social Science Research Council, with funds provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Twelve University of Minnesota social science and humanities PhD students will be selected to participate in the 2017 program. The program involves two interdisciplinary, faculty-led training workshops as well as a fellowship of up to $5,000. The SSRC covers all the travel and lodging costs associated with the Spring and Fall workshops in addition to the stipends of up to $5,000 for summer research and living expenses.