University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota

Connect. Juxtapose. Experiment. The Institute for Advanced Study foments change for long term good. Sometimes incubation must happen outside established parameters, boundaries, timeframes.

The Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Minnesota brings together interdisciplinary teams of researchers to enable breakthrough discoveries that will advance the frontiers of knowledge. The Institute is an incubator of new ideas: a place where faculty and students take intellectuals risks, challenge theoretical assumptions, integrate different forms of knowledge, and take on important questions aimed at reshaping our fundamental understanding of the human condition.

Core Programs and Mission

The IAS consistently sponsors and supports core programs such as residential fellowshipsThursdays at Four, and Research and Creative Collaboratives. We also adhere to our mission by supporting the projects beyond the boundaries and definitions of (even) our programs.

Beyond the Parameters

Beyond the parameters of our mission and vision, we are structured to nimbly support, encourage, incite, foment and nurture the unstructured scholarly and/or community development/need, giving it the environment within which to thrive.