University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota

2013 Med Conf

(APRIL 12-13 2013)

Welcome to the site of the 2013 Mediterranean Collaborative Workshop. The workshop is part of an on going inter-disciplinary faculty collaboration funded by the Institute of Advanced Study at the University of Minnesota.  Since the collaborative was established three years ago we have had regular monthly presentations the focus of which is on some aspect of Mediterranean scholarship. At the end of each academic year the collaborative has organized a conference or workshop.  Our two early events were a Mediterranean Identities Conference held in April 2011 and a Workshop on Mediterranean Exchanges held in March 2012.

The disciplinary shibboleths of East and West still too often apply in scholarship on the Mediterranean world.   The aim of the present workshop is to explore the impact of events occurring in, and ideas emanating, from the Southern Shores of the Mediterranean not only on the Mediterranean world in general but beyond to Europe in the North and Africa in the South.

Conference papers are posted so that all the participants can read them in advance. Rather than reading their papers, the three presenters on each panel will give a 10 minute overview of their paper’s contents followed by a 10 minute comment by the discussant.  This will allow for a maximum discussion by the attendees.

The program can be accessed here,  conference papers here, and information about local travel arrangements here.

This event has been made possible thanks to the support of the Institute for Advanced Study, the Institute for Global Studies, the Department of English, the Department of History, The Center for Medieval Studies and the Center for Early Modern History.