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Northern Spark: Dance of A Thousand Water Dreams

Put on your dancing shoes! “All are invited to join–to invoke a collective consciousness about the Mississippi that flows through us and about the preciousness of water in our lives. It is deeply inspired by the work of activists from the Indigenous People’s Task Force and is created in collaboration with them, and works through […]

April 11, 2013: Modeling Error Correction in Mitosis Using Bodystorming

Modeling Error Correction in Mitosis Using Bodystorming An interactive presentation by Emily Tubman, IAS Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow How are dancers helping to inform a mathematical model of error correction in mitosis? How is bodystorming helping bio-medical engineers expedite initial stages of model development? In “Bodystorming” dancers move like molecules, following rules and “running” simulations for […]

ScienceNOW: Bodystorming: Dance Grooves Show How Molecules Move

The IAS Moving Cell Collaborative, conveners Carl Flink and David Odde, and their ongoing “Bodystorming” project are featured in this recent article in ScienceNOW, the official AAAS news feature! by Helen Fields on 12 November 2012, 11:45 AM Photo credit: William Cameron Inside a chain-link cage, a handful of men and women walk, run, and spin, creating a […]

September 6-9, 2012: Moreechika: Season of Mirage

September 6 to September 9 Choreographer Ananya Chatterjea recently named “Favorite Minnesota Role Model for Women in the Arts” by the Minnessota Women’s Press, and her company, Ananya Dance Theatre (ADT), will present the United States premiere of Moreechika: Season of Mirage. The work will receive its world premiere in July at the “New Waves! 2012” […]

Black Label Movement performs at Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory

Black Label Movement (BLM) and the Moving Cell Collaborative was is in residence in the Marine Biological Laboratory for a week-long Physiology course where they performed “HIT” and “A Duet for Wreck.”  On Sunday, July 8 at 4 PM, the collaborators presented an informal performance and lecture-demonstration, “HIT: When Dancers and Scientists Collide,” in the MBL […]

Choreography of the Moving Cell – Roundtable Discussion

Over the past year the Moving Cell Collaborative has been developing a working version of a “Cellular Catastrophe Arena” in which movement artists can safely recreate the environment found at the microscopic level of the cell. At this roundtable, collaborative participants present an interim report on the progress of the project that includes video by […]

No Boundaries Movement Workshop

The No Boundaries project is an Institute for Advanced Study collaborative research and performance project organized by the departments of African American Studies, Theatre Arts and Dance, and History that investigates racial construction, embodiment, performance, and identity. Through multiple venues and media, the collaborative is conducting a series of activities, including master classes, a lecture, a […]

Diane Willow, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2010

Diane Willow (Department of Art, CLA), Spring 2010 Project: “Body Electric” Willow pursued her project in two concurrent areas of creative research within the context of contemporary practices and theories of interactive art: an exploration of the aesthetic implications of divergent cultural perspectives of the body as expressed in the theoretical foundations of traditional Chinese, […]

Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2010

Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley (Department of English, CLA), Spring 2010 Project: “Water, Shoulders, Into the Black Pacific” Tinsley‘s fellowship allowed her the time and space necessary to make a major scholarly transition, from literary criticism to creative writing. She accomplished more writing during the semester than she initially expected, researching and drafting two and a half […]

Jenny Schmid, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2009

Jenny Schmid (Department of Art, CLA), Fall 2009 Project: “The Animated Body and Gender Liberation” Thanks to discussion following her presentation to IAS fellows during fall semester, Schmid substantially revised the animations in her collaboration with Ali Momeni (Art).  Three short animations pondering the Women’s Desert Liberation Front’s recent efforts in Cairo and the Egyptian […]