University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota

lorena munozLorena Muñoz

Residential Faculty Fellow, Spring 2014

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, College of Liberal Arts, Twin Cities

“Queer, Brown and (In)Visible: Production, Consumption, and Performance of Immigrant Latina/o Vending Street-Scapes in Los Angeles”

Queer, Brown and (In)Visible is a manuscript that examines the production of Latina/o immigrant street vending landscapes in Los Angeles. Specifically, the study explores the ways Latina immigrant women practice alternative forms of human capital development through their informal economic practices as street vendors, which I argue represent more than just an immigrant survival strategy. The performance of street commerce in this context is also a significant means to construct and negotiate queer identities, agency, and ‘choice’ in direct response to the restructuring of local labor markets in global cities. Using two Latino immigrant neighborhoods in central Los Angeles as a case study, I examine how Latina immigrants produce and navigate gendered and queer spaces of informal work.