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jill hasday

Jill Hasday

Residential Faculty Fellow, Spring 2014

Professor of Law, University of Minnesota Law School

Intimate Lies:
Fraud in the Family

“This book project examines deceit between intimates in interdisciplinary context. It focuses on fraud—explicit lies, deliberate misrepresentation, nondisclosure with an intent to deceive or mislead—between intimates before, during, and outside marriage. American culture has long been fascinated by deceit between intimates, but the subject has attracted little academic attention.

I have drafted a law review article that examines the legal regulation of intimate deceit, a topic that scholars have routinely overlooked. This article finds that the law permits and even facilitates lying between intimates, empowering deceivers at the expense of the deceived. I argue that courts and legislatures assume that women are the victims of intimate deceit and treat this form of fraud less seriously for that reason. As I expand my study into a book, I would like to enrich my legal analysis of intimate deceit by examining the subject from interdisciplinary perspectives. What can we learn about the social, cultural, political, economic, and legal regulation of intimate deceit by thinking about fraud between intimates from the standpoints of history, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and literature?”

In April 2014, Prof. Hasday was named a McKnight Distinguished University Professor.