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IAS 5×5: 5 People, 5 Perspectives, 5 Meetings

Explore Together, Build Your Interdisciplinary Community

NEW: Introducing the Inaugural 5×5 Working Groups!

The following themes have been identified via the initial round of applicants (Fall 2016); the groups will begin meeting this summer or fall. Other groups are still being developed. There may still be room to connect individuals with some of the following groups, so please contact us ( if you are curious.


  • Aggression: Explanations for its origins and operations, across scales and from biological and social perspectives
  • Form and transmutation: Playing with synesthesia, genres, and the design/performance of form
  • Teaching against silos: Practical exchange about what it takes to teach in interdisciplinary, challenge-oriented ways
  • Corporate social responsibility: Exploring a useful, yet problematic set of related concepts across sectors
  • Animal-human relationships and health: Seeking connections across scales, from therapeutic interaction to conservation biology
  • Circadian rhythms and personalized medicine: Cross-fertilizing from perspectives of chronobiology, personal devices and informatics, and patient care
  • Young patients & agency: Participation, information, and resilience for young patients becoming more capable of self-care
The goals of 5x5s are to find a common language for understanding questions and methods across disciplines, to bring diverse disciplinary perspectives to bear on a topic in an integrative way, and to expand participants’ intellectual community and networks as a basis for future collaboration. These are low-stakes settings in which there is no specific outcome required and no input required other than a broad curiosity and commitment to engage. Participants are supported with facilitation to shape the initial and final conversations and the arc in between; assistance with scheduling group meetings; and up to $1,000 (for materials, field trips, meals, etc.). Each participant will also receive $500 in professional development funds. 
Please contact Kathy Quick (, convener/facilitator of the 5×5 groups and a faculty member at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, if you would like to participate or for more information.


Please Click Here For Application Instructions and to Apply


*If you already have an idea for an interdisciplinary project or investigation and a group of people who want to work together on it, let us know. You should consider applying for an IAS Research and Creative Collaborative grant. You can find more information here.