University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota

The IAS celebrates Northrop’s reopening.


April 7
Provost Karen Hanson:
Northrop and the U’s Intellectual and Cultural Life

April 8
Film Series Space, Body, Sound:
Blood of a Poet by Jean Cocteau

April 8
The Graduate Revels:
Graduate Research Showcase

April 9
Maya Hess:
Protecting Translators in High-Risk Settings

April 10
Reframing Mass Violence Collaborative:
Remembering Argentina’s Disappeared

April 10
Anatoly Liberman:
When Did Laugter Meet the Sense of Humor?

April 11
David Lentz:
The Demise of the Classic Maya City of Tikal

April 11-12
Graduate Student Conference:
Discussions on Asia, on the Theme of Contact

April 15
Film Series Space, Body, Sound:
Itam Hakim Hopiit by Victor Masayesva

April 16
River Futures:
Imagining the Mississippi in the Twin Cities

April 17
Steve Ruggles
The Future of Big Data for Population Research

April 21
Brian Ickes:
The Irony of Carp

April 21
Susan Wolf:
The Intersection of Law, Ethics, Science and Medicine

April 22
Richard Graff:
Reconstructing Oratorical Space in Ancient Greece

April 22
Film Series Space, Body, Sound:
Reality by Matteo Garrone

April 24
David Odde, Carl Flink and Black Label Movement:
The Moving Cell: When Art and Science Collide

April 25
Lydia Liu:
The Untold Story of Human Rights

April 28
Jon Foley, Institute on the Environment:
Moving the World Towards Sustainability

April 28
Ann Pflaum:
An Anecdotal History of Northrop

April 29
Film Series Space, Body, Sound:
We Can’t Go Home Again by Nicholas Ray

May 1
Apostolos Georgopoulos:
The Brain, the Wise Problem Solver

May 5
¡Sacabuche! Early Music Ensemble:
Matteo Ricci: His Map and Music

May 6
Film Series Space, Body, Sound:
The River by Tsai Ming-liang

May 7
¡Sacabuche! Early Music Ensemble:
Italy Invades Poland!

May 8
Ann Waltner, John Watkins, and ¡Sacabuche!:
Venetia 1500

May 9
Susan Mann, Zhang Hong, Leigh Fondakowski…
A Celebration of Outgoing IAS Director Ann Waltner

June 20,21
Emily Johnson/Catalyst Dances