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Music and Video: Temporal Disorientation and the Manipulation of Memory

This project uses music and animation to bring to life a poem by the obscure turn-of-the-century author Samuel Greenberg (1893-1917). The artists manipulate the interplay between these mediums in order to disorient the way they are perceived by the viewer over the duration of the film. The film, “The Pale Memory,” draws upon time in […]

Humans Through Deep Time: Archaeology and the Pace of Change

Peter S. Wells (Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts), Principal Investigator. This symposium award funded a conference held March 12-14, 2008, organized by the Department of Anthropology and cosponsored by the Department of Art History, the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies, the Department of Geology, the Institute for Global studies, and the […]

Museum: Architecture of Emptiness

How is “emptiness” experienced, designed and negotiated? Through a series of presentations by artists, scholars and activists, Architectures of Emptiness explores the historical gaps created in the wake of political, social and spatial displacements, as well as the ethics of witnessing such traumas. The construction of “new space” through urban renewal is always a violent […]

Time and Embodied Cognition

Arun Saldanha (Department of Geography, College of Liberal Arts), Principal Investigator. Co-PI: Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad (Computer Sciences and Engineering, Institute of Technology). This symposium award has led to regular meetings of a reading group dedicated to research on Embodied Cognition.

Catastrophe: Imaging and Imagining Disruptions in Time

The symposium “Catastrophe: Imaging and Imagining Disruptions in Time” will open with a workshop intended to explore time through “catastrophic” events that challenge linear, stable, and continuous models of time. Across several academic disciplines and artmaking practices, theories and descriptions of catastrophe underscore how temporal discontinuity, heterogeneity, and randomness undermine the idea that time is fundamentally uniform, […]

“Time Lag” and Sudanese Refugee Youth: The Transitional Time of Refugee Camp Life

Refugee camps are distinctively temporary and transitional. They are sites of flux and change, embodying temporariness not only in their makeshift shelters but in the transience of the relief workers, journalists, and visitors themselves. Camps are sites of cultural transition, as the displacement of people during times of regional and national violence disrupts social structures […]

Telling Time

Artists, musicians, humanists, social scientists, and natural scientists work in collaboration to create an interactive art project that will explore the translation of units of elapsing time produced by participant/performers into visual and/or audio forms. Lynn Lukkas (Department of Art, College of Liberal Arts), Principal Investigator. Co-PIs: David Wulfman (artist and biomedical researcher, Guidant Corporation), […]

Still Present Pasts

Still Present Pasts is a multimedia art exhibit that explores the legacies of the Korean War and encourages reflection about the devastation of war for all Americans. The exhibit features video, installation, and performance by Korean American artists (immigrants, U.S.-born, adoptees), alongside oral histories of Korean American war survivors and their families. The Minnesota Still […]

The Present Moment: Creating a Contemplative Environment for Stress Reduction on Campus, 2007-2008

The Present Moment Project is creating a contemplative environment for stress reduction on campus. Its investigations include a series of ephemeral spatial transformations for a portion of the Nolte Study Lounge and the prototyping of a simple yet poetic biofeedback interface. Rebecca Krinke (Landscape Architecture, College of Design), Principal Investigator. Co-PIs: Diane Willow (Department of […]

The Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts, 2007-2008

Douglas Geers (Department of Music, College of Liberal Arts), Principal Investigator. For one week each year, the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts gathers creators and performers of new media arts from around the world to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, USA to showcase their work to the public. The Spark Festival was […]

Doing Time, Nothing But Time: A Creative Performance with Inmates in the Minnesota Correctional System, 2007-2008

Jan Estep (Department of Art, College of Liberal Arts), Principal Investigator. Co-PI: Michael Agnew (Executive Director, Groundswell Community Performance).

Time Heals All

Joyce Bono (Department of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts), Principal Investigator. Co-PI: Theresa Glomb (Industrial Relations Center, Carson School of Management).

Determining the Relative Value of Remaining Time to Women with Ovarian Cancer, 2007-2008

Peter Argenta (OB/GYN, College of Medicine), Principal Investigator. Co-PIs: Caroline Carlin (Applied Economics, College of Food, Agriculture & Natural Resource Sciences), John A Nyman (Health Policy and Management, Department of Public Health) and Adrienne Richardson (Women’s Health, University Hospital).

Completing Wreck: Situation Time in the Creation of Embodied Art, 2007-2008

As a part of the second year of the University of Minnesota Symposium on Time, the locally based dance theater company Black Label Movement led by Director of the University’s Dance Program Carl Flink continues its examination of the presence of time in the creation of their evening length work Wreck with an open rehearsal featuring all […]

Lynn Lukkas, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2006

Lynn Lukkas (Department of Art, College of Liberal Arts) Professor Lukkas utilized the term of her fellowship to explore in greater depth the intellectual relationship between her current creative work and recent research in the neurosciences, biomedical engineering, bioethics, world economics, and geo-political relations by focusing on an interactive project that utilizes the viewer’s breathing, […]