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Northern Spark: Dance of A Thousand Water Dreams

Put on your dancing shoes! “All are invited to join–to invoke a collective consciousness about the Mississippi that flows through us and about the preciousness of water in our lives. It is deeply inspired by the work of activists from the Indigenous People’s Task Force and is created in collaboration with them, and works through […]

“HMONG ACROSS BORDERS” Conference, Friday-Saturday, Oct 4-5, 2013

  The Consortium for Hmong Studies between the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosted our second conference, “Hmong Across Borders” on October 4-5, 2013 at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. See the full program below.   The event has been made possible thanks to the support of the Luce Foundation, the […]

A Conversation with the Theorizing Early Modern Studies Collaborative, August 1, 2012

Conveners Juliette Cherbuliez, Michael Gaudio, Matthias Rothe, J.B. Shank talk with Amir Hussain about their work The Theorizing Early Modern Studies (TEMS) Collaborative began with a desire to create an intellectual and exploratory space that resisted the constraints of discipline-bound and results-oriented inquiries. Ten years in the making (the last five of which have been […]

September 6-9, 2012: Moreechika: Season of Mirage

September 6 to September 9 Choreographer Ananya Chatterjea recently named “Favorite Minnesota Role Model for Women in the Arts” by the Minnessota Women’s Press, and her company, Ananya Dance Theatre (ADT), will present the United States premiere of Moreechika: Season of Mirage. The work will receive its world premiere in July at the “New Waves! 2012” […]

Kari Smalkoski, Hmong Studies Fellow, 2010-11

Kari Smalkoski (Family Social Science, College of Education and Human Development), Hmong Studies Graduate Fellow Project: “Performing Masculinities: The Impact of Cultural Practices, Racialization and Space on Hmong Male Youth and their Families”  

Mary Hermes, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2011

Mary Hermes (Department of Education, College of Education and Human Service Professions, UM-Duluth), Spring 2011 Project: “Community and Collaboration: Ojibwe Language Documentation and Revitalization” Hermes collaborated with Ojibwe language teacher Dennis Jones, implementing the use of multimedia software in his classroom, and with Lucia Bonnaci, who is planning the first Ojibwe immersion camp based on […]

Joseph Gerteis, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2011

Joseph Gerteis (Department of Sociology, CLA), Spring 2011 Project: “American Nationalism: Boundaries and Identities in Historical Context” Gerteis used the duration of his fellowship to think through key issues of a new project on historical dimensions of exclusion in American national identity. His conversations with other fellows helped him sharpen and define how to approach […]

Choreography of the Moving Cell – Roundtable Discussion

Over the past year the Moving Cell Collaborative has been developing a working version of a “Cellular Catastrophe Arena” in which movement artists can safely recreate the environment found at the microscopic level of the cell. At this roundtable, collaborative participants present an interim report on the progress of the project that includes video by […]

Susanna Ferlito, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2010

Susanna Ferlito (Department of French and Italian, CLA), Fall 2010 Project: “Patient‘s Voices: Notes Towards a History of Sensibilities in Medical Languages” Ferlito completed an article, “Hysteria‘s Upheavals: Belgioioso‘s Gendered Politics,” which will be published in Modern Italy in 2012, and a conference paper. As a result of the semester‘s exchanges with her cohort of […]

Cerise Myers, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow, 2009-10

Cerise Myers (Art History, CLA): “The Visible Posthuman: Envisioning Agency for the Cybernetic Self in Digital Culture” The fellowship gave Myers the time she needed to focus on her dissertation project—reading, outlining, writing, and presenting a conference paper drawn from her research, as well as getting substantive feedback from a variety of scholars outside her […]

Diane Willow, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2010

Diane Willow (Department of Art, CLA), Spring 2010 Project: “Body Electric” Willow pursued her project in two concurrent areas of creative research within the context of contemporary practices and theories of interactive art: an exploration of the aesthetic implications of divergent cultural perspectives of the body as expressed in the theoretical foundations of traditional Chinese, […]

Stuart McLean, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2010

Stuart McLean (Department of Anthropology, CLA), Spring 2010 Project: “A Poetics of Emergence: Imagining Creativity beyond ‘Nature’ and ‘Culture’” McLean completed work on two articles and a chapter for an edited volume, and made substantial progress on a book project. In addition, he completed two conference presentations, one of which has been accepted for publication […]

Kathleen Hull, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2010

Kathleen E. Hull (Department of Sociology, CLA), Spring 2010 Project: “Beyond the Culture Wars: How Ordinary Citizens Use Religious, Legal, and Scientific Repertoires to Understand Contemporary Social Dilemmas” Working jointly with Penny Edgell, Hull used the semester at IAS to work on revising a grant proposal for resubmission to NSF for a new project examining […]

Cindy Garcia, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2010

Cindy García (Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, CLA), Spring 2010 Project: “Un/Sequined Corporealities and the Deterritorialization of Salsa: Gendered Performances of Latinidad in Los Angeles Salsa Economies” García worked on several publications, including a journal article accepted for publication in Discourses in Dance, an abstract and draft for an article accepted for a forthcoming […]

Penny Edgell, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2010

Penny Edgell (Department of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts), Spring 2010 Project: “Beyond the Culture Wars: How Ordinary Citizens Use Religious, Legal, and Scientific Repertoires to Understand Contemporary Social Dilemmas” While in residence Edgell read literature in several interdisciplinary areas to revise and resubmit a grant proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF) with her […]

Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik Stark, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2009

Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik Stark (Department of American Indian Studies, CLA, UM-Duluth), Fall 2009 Project: “Stealing Fire, Scattering Ashes: Anishinaabe Expressions of Sovereignty, Nationhood, and Land Tenure in Treaty Making with the United States and Canada, 1785-1923” Stark made significant progress on her book manuscript and found that the IAS‘s partnership with the University of Minnesota Press […]

Mark Pedelty, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2009

Mark Pedelty (School of Journalism and Mass Communication, CLA), Fall 2009 Project: “Global Media? A Comparative Analysis of Journalistic Subjectivity in Environmental Reporting” Pedelty completed a book proposal related to his IAS project, which was submitted in collaboration with Doug McCloud, University of Wisconsin, and Kristine Weglarz, a UMN graduate student. During fall semester he […]

Nancy Luxon, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2009

Nancy Luxon (Department of Political Science, CLA), Fall 2009 Project: “Truth-Telling, Authority, and Political Representation” Luxon completed work on the final two chapters of a book manuscript and presented both chapters while they were in progress, one to the other fellows, the other to the TEMS collaborative. These discussions led to ongoing reading groups among […]

Teresa Gowan, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2009

Teresa Gowan (Department of Sociology, CLA), Fall 2009 Project: “Between the ‘Higher Power‘ and ‘Personal Responsibility‘: Addiction Treatment and Neoliberal Policy Management” Gowan undertook and supervised hundreds of hours of fieldwork and interviews, making valuable headway on the first publications from her project. The feedback she received from other fellows, in particular Nancy Luxon, Jean […]

Karen-Sue Taussig, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2009

Karen-Sue Taussig (Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts/Medical School): “Science, Subjectivity, and Citizenship” Taussig spent the fellowship semester analyzing data for her project on science, subjectivity and citizenship; developing new ideas for both research and teaching through engagement with other fellows; and writing an article which she has submitted to Cultural Anthropology. This article will be the foundation for a […]

Jani Scandura, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2009

Jani Scandura (English, College of Liberal Arts): “Suitcase: Fragments on Memory and Motion” Scandura finished the first of four sections of her project, gave three talks on completely new work from the book, and participated in the University Symposium faculty seminar “Beyond the Eye.” She found her interactions with other fellows perhaps the most important component of […]

Mitra Emad, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2009

Mitra C. Emad (Sociology & Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts, UM-Duluth): “Reaching the Body: Birth and Death as Sites for Knowledge-in-Action in Health Care Professionalization” Emad completed the final draft of her book Twirling the Needle: the Body as a Site for Cultural Translation in American Encounters with Acupuncture (forthcoming from SUNY Press). She also wrote a new […]

Joan DeJaeghere, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2009

Joan DeJaeghere (Educational Policy and Administration, College of Education and Human Development): “Mexican Immigrant Youth Experiences of Citizenship in Local, National, and Transnational Contexts” De Jaeghere focused on a new area of research, completing data collection, beginning data analysis, and engaging in background reading for her project. She wrote and presented the paper “The Making of Mexican Youth Civic […]

Jennifer Gunn, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2008

Jennifer Gunn (History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, Medical School): “Plains Practice: Rural Health and Medicine in the Upper Midwest, 1900-1950” Gunn completed a chapter and the introduction in a forthcoming (2010) collaborative volume on global influenza with Tamara Giles-Vernick and former IAS fellow Susan Craddock, Influenza and Public Health: Histories and Dialogues for the Future. She also […]

Elizabeth Boyle, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2008

Elizabeth Boyle (Sociology, College of Liberal Arts): “Child Rights, Economic Neoliberalism, and Children‘s Well-Being” As a result of the feedback she received from other fellows, Boyle expanded the scope of the project and was able to think with more complexity about the relationships involved. She completed two articles, including “International Human Rights Law, Global Economic Reforms, and Child […]

Erin Kelly and Phyllis Moen, Faculty Fellows, Spring 2008

Erin Kelly and Phyllis Moen (Sociology, College of Liberal Arts) worked jointly on the project “Rethinking Clockworks: Work, Careers, and the Life Course.” They completed the first draft of a book; Kelly also submitted an article to American Sociological Review. The fellowship allowed them to step back from the immediate research questions they addressed with their data to consider how this project […]

Sumanth Gopinath, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2008

Sumanth Gopinath (Music, College of Liberal Arts) worked on numerous projects connected to his research on “Ringtones, Or, the Auditory Logic of Globalization”: he completed three essays and began work on a fourth, made a conference presentation, secured contributors for the Oxford Handbook of Mobile Music and Sound Studies, and wrote a successful application for a 2008-09 IAS research collaborative, The Music […]

J B Shank, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2007

J. B. Shank (History, College of Liberal Arts) and Michael Gaudio (Art History, College of Liberal Arts) worked together on the project “Making Liberal Learning in Early Modern Europe.” They engaged in collective reading and discussion on a wide range of material related to their joint and individual research, and developed a collaborative course, “The Age of Curiosity: Art and Knowledge in Early […]

Susan Jones, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2007

Susan D. Jones (Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, College of Biological Sciences; History of Science and Technology, Institute of Technology) found the interaction with colleagues of other disciplines particularly useful for her project “Domesticating Anthrax, Globalizing Biomedical Knowledge.” She was awarded a book contract from Johns Hopkins University Press based on chapters completed during her residency, and she has been invited to join PhD […]

Michael Gaudio, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2007

Michael Gaudio (Art History, College of Liberal Arts) and J. B. Shank (History, College of Liberal Arts) worked together on the project “Making Liberal Learning in Early Modern Europe.” They engaged in collective reading and discussion on a wide range of material related to their joint and individual research, and developed a collaborative course, “The Age of Curiosity: Art and Knowledge in […]

Jan Estep, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2007

Jan Estep (Department of Art, College of Liberal Arts) Project title: “Philosophical Conversations (A Three-part Video Cycle)” Jan Estep developed materials related to a multifaceted art project concerning the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein and a hut he built in Norway. She developed a series of drawn maps, collaged photographs, and designed and printed a tourist informational map of […]

Patrick McNamara, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2007

Patrick J. McNamara (Department of History, College of Liberal Arts) Project title: “The Centennial Stage: Mexico’s Old Regime and the Independence Celebrations of 1910” Patrick McNamara finished research and began writing drafts of two chapters on a new book, The Centennial Stage: Mexico’s Old Regime and the Centennial Celebrations of 1910. His fellowship also allowed him the time […]

Christine Marran, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2006

Christine Marran (Department of Asian Languages and Literatures, College of Liberal Arts) Project title: “Male Subjectivity in Japan’s Colonial and Postwar Eras” Based on interchanges she had with colleagues in the fellowship program, Christine Marran began to work on a second book project on the role of the animal in representation and contemporary history in Japan. The […]

Tony Brown, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2006

Tony C. Brown (Department of English, College of Liberal Arts) Project title: “Beside History: Rethinking the Primitive in the Long Eighteenth Century” Tony Brown worked on a book project, The Primitive, the Aesthetic, and the Savage: An Enlightenment Problematic (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, forthcoming), and successfully applied for a full-year NEH fellowship at the Huntington Library. He […]