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Jennifer Gunn, Director
Telephone: (612) 626-5149
Jennifer Gunn brings broad experience advancing interdisciplinary research and teaching, both as scholar and administrator. She is History of Medicine Endowed Professor and served for 8 years as director of the Program in the History of Medicine, a program in the Medical School Department of Surgery situated at the intersection of the humanities, social sciences, natural and physical sciences, engineering, and health professions.  She shares leadership responsibilities for the tri-college Program in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine. She is a historian of nineteenth- and twentieth-century medicine, interested in the historical intersections of health, medicine, biology, social sciences, institutions, and public policy. Her current work examines the significance of place and practice in American medicine by exploring the history of rural health and medical practice in the upper Midwest, 1900-1950. In addition, she has done extensive research on the history of population studies and demography in the interwar period, and on the history of philanthropy.

Susannah L. Smith, Managing Director
Telephone: (612) 624-2921
Susannah L. Smith is a historian of Russia and modern Europe. Her research focuses on the intersection of national identity, official arts policy, and Russian folk music in the Soviet Union, 1917-1945. She studies and performs traditional Javanese music with the Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble. Before coming to the IAS, she was the managing editor of the Journal of Asian Studies, developed the Population Studies minor program and coordinated administration on the IPUMS-International projects at the Minnesota Population Center, and was assistant director of the Making of the Modern World/Writing Program at Eleanor Roosevelt College, University of California, San Diego. Susannah teaches an honors seminar based on the Thursdays at Four series every year.

Phyllis E. Messenger, Grants Consultant
Telephone: (612) 625-8606
Phyllis Mauch Messenger is an anthropologist whose scholarship has focused on archaeological ethics and the management and preservation of cultural heritage. She was the founding director of the Center for Anthropology and Cultural Heritage Education (CACHE) at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN and carried out archaeological research in Mexico, Honduras, and Minnesota.  She has led study abroad programs for the University of Minnesota and Hamline University, taking students to Mexico, Peru, Thailand, and Cambodia. Publications include a biography of early Maya archaeologists and edited volumes on the ethics of collecting cultural property, cultural heritage management worldwide, and heritage values in contemporary society.  Before returning to the U of M in 2008, she directed the Wesley Center at Hamline University, funded by a $2M grant from Indianapolis-based Lilly Endowment.

Fischlowitz_Sharon_1621Sharon Fischlowitz, Program Coordinator
Telephone: (612) 624-6148
Sharon Fischlowitz is a public interest lawyer whose scholarship focuses on the social justice applicability and use of the early medieval legal texts of the barbarians. She has taught poverty law as an adjunct at William Mitchell since 2009 and religious school at Temple Israel since 2001. She serves on the boards of the Lexington-Hamline Community Council, the Twin Cities based dance company Black Label Movement and on the advisory board of MN-LRAP, the Minnesota Loan Repayment Assistance Program. She served on the staffs of Congressman Bruce F. Vento, Equal Justice Works, the University of Minnesota Center for Medieval Studies and the Minnesota Justice Foundation.

KarenKKaren Kinoshita, Executive Office and Administrative Specialist
Telephone: (612) 626-5028
Karen has been in the medical school and the deans’ office of the college of liberal arts before taking up the challenge at the institute. Karen shares her time between the institute and home and and uses her networking skills to knit students, faculty, and community together. Her interests are in arts, science, technology and diversity above special interests.

christina collinsChristina Collins, Principal Office and Administrative Specialist
Telephone: (612) 626-5054
Christina Collins has spent most of her working life in the world of nonprofit arts and civics venues, primarily as a house manager with organizations including Town Hall Seattle and the University of Washington’s Meany Hall. She is a visual artist and writer, and currently serves as the EIC for Lockjaw, an online journal focusing on contemporary literature, art, and music.

Aaron Victorin-Vangerud, Website Support
Telephone: (612) 624-3237
Aaron Victorin-Vangerud has a B. A. in mathematics.

Ann Waltner, Former Director
Telephone: (612) 624-3810
Ann Waltner teaches Chinese history and world history at the University of Minnesota. Her research interests lie in the social history of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century China, comparative women’s history, and world history.