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Affiliated Members

Francesca Bortoletti 
Embodying and enacting memory of body: the politics of memory, systems of representation and representational practices in Early Modern History

Professor Bortoletti teaches history of theater at the University of Ferrara, Italy and is also the organizer, on behalf on the Graduate Program in Theater Studies, University of Bologna, of the theater section of the collaborative seminar series within the school of humanities at the University of Bologna directed by Professor Umberto Eco. She has also served, in the fall of 2010, as an adjunct professor in the French and Italian Department at the University of Minnesota. Her current project extends her research into the culture and techniques of the pre-modern actor (and the different style of performance/practices/rites associated with acting) to the Italian Renaissance Courts and Culture.

Nancy Ann Coyne
Speaking of Home

Coyne has been a nationally recognized public artist for over two decades. Speaking of Home-St. Paul is an expansion of asuccessful pilot installed in one bridge of the Minneapolis skyway in 2008. It will be the first time that a public artwork has been proposed for installation in the St. Paul skyway system, the world’s largest publically owned skyway system. Partners include the City of St. Paul, Forecast Public Art, the Family Housing Fund, CommonBond Communities, the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Minnesota and Larsen Design.

Peter Kerre
North Minneapolis Post Tornado Watch

Peter Kerre moved from Minneapolis to Manhattan in 2010 to pursue his career as a nationally recognized DJ and as an information security specialist, but he knew that he needed to help out after the May 22, 2011 tornado that devastated his old neighborhood. Using a combination of Facebook and word of mouth, he organized some of the most successful donation drives and cleanup efforts to help all those who had been affected by the disaster.

Karl Rogers and Stuart Rosenbaum
John Dewey Center for the Study of Democracy and Education

Karl Rogers and Stuart Rosenbaum are working together with University of Minnesota Professor Harvey Sarles (Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature) to develop the John Dewey Center for the Study of Democracy in Education. Inspired by the American pragmatist tradition in general, and the philosophy of John Dewey in particular, the aim of this Center is to provide a pluralistic framework for exploring and encouraging public thinking, consciousness, and debate concerning democracy and education. Karl Rogers is a Research Fellow of the Centre of Science Studies at the University of Bath, a Visiting Professor of Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires, and a Visiting Lecturer in Discourse Analysis and Critical Theory at the Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires and, among other works, the author of Participatory Democracy, Science & Technology (2008). Stuart Rosenbaum is a Professor of Philosophy at Baylor University and, most recently, the author of Pragmatism and The Reflective Life (2009).