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Beryl Satter, Historian of 20th Century America

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Beryl Satter is Faculty in the Dept. of History and the Graduate Program in American Studies at Rutgers University—Newark. Her first book, Each Mind a Kingdom: American Women, Sexual Purity and the New Thought Movement, 1875-1920 (University of California Press, 1999) examined the relationship between New Thought, a popular, proto-New Age religious movement, the late nineteenth-century women’s movement, and Progressivism.

Her second book Family Properties uncovered the ways that predatory real estate practices impoverished urban black communities in the mid-twentieth century. Her new work on ShoreBank (1973-2010), a Chicago-based community development bank that provided African Americans with fair access to credit, carries her analysis of structural racism through the post-1973 transformations in banking and finance.

Dr. Satter is a co-founder of the Queer Newark Oral History Project, and has received several awards for her work on behalf of LGBT youth. She is the author of scholarly articles on topics ranging from black police offers’ struggles against police brutality to the role of therapeutic practices the New Left. She has been interviewed about housing discrimination and police brutality on numerous radio programs and by many media outlets. Ta-Nehisi Coates drew upon her work on contract selling in Chicago for his award-winning article “The Case for Reparations.”

Dr. Satter also gave a talk entitled From Feminism to Structural Racism and Resistance: What is the Connection?

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