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Transforming Doctoral Education in Good Enough Times

February 12, 2016IASEvents, Video and Audio0

Manifesto for the Humanities: Transforming Doctoral Education in Good Enough Times

Friday, February 12, 2:30pm
Crosby Seminar Room, 240 Northrop

Download: audio, small video, or original.

Sidonie Smith, Director of the Michigan Institute for the Humanities, and former President of the Modern Language Association, offers Manifesto for the Humanities as a reflective contribution to the current academic conversation over the place of the humanities in the 21st century. “The ‘Grand Challenge’ confronting academic humanists,” Smith avers, “is the imperative of sustaining passionate conviction about the value of studying the humanities in a climate of funding scarcity, corporatization, and neoliberal market economics.” Smith advocates for a 21st century doctoral education response to the changing ecology of humanistic scholarship and teaching. She elaborates a more expansive conceptualization of coursework and dissertation, a more robust, engaged public humanities, and a more diverse, collaborative, and networked sociality.

Sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts Humanistic Commons Working Group, by an award from the University of Minnesota Graduate School.

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