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The Making of a Virtual Indian Residential School. Adam Muller, November 18, 2015

Embodying Empathy: Canadian Settler-Colonial Genocide and the Making of a Virtual Indian Residential School

Wednesday, November 18, 2015, at 4:00pm
710 Social Sciences Building

Free and open to the public

Download: audio, small video, or original.

This presentation introduces and reflects on some of the key challenges facing researchers involved with the multidisciplinary critical and creative Embodying Empathy project now underway at the University of Manitoba. Embodying Empathy seeks to construct a digital representation of a Canadian Indian Residential School (IRS) using virtual and augmented reality technologies. The project’s digital “storyworld” is being designed as a museum-quality educational tool that will instruct those immersed in it about Canadian settler-colonial genocide. It also seeks to ascertain whether immersive representations can bridge the empathetic distance separating victims from secondary witnesses to atrocity.

Adam Muller is Associate Professor of English at the University of Manitoba (Canada). He specializes in the representations of war, genocide and mass violence, human rights, memory studies, critical theory, cultural studies, and analytic philosophy.

This event is organized by the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies with support from the IAS Collaborative on Reframing Mass Violence. Muller was interviewed by the Bat of Minerva.

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